Virtual Debate, Nader for President 2004…

Now I really wish that Nader had been on the ballot in Texas. I mean, really … anyone that will will stage a debate with figurines of Kerry and Bush deserves to be president. Don’t you think?

(For the record, I’m not serious. I just needed an excuse to link to those hysterical photos. I can’t believe Nadar did that.)

By Christine

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3 replies on “Virtual Debate, Nader for President 2004…”

Funny, in a sad way. I think that was the Green Party’s less controversial protest to the way the debates were handled.

Less controversial in that Michael Badnarik (Libertarian and on the ballot IN ALL 50 states) was arrested for crossing police lines to serve a supoena on the Committee for Presidential Debates during the Second Debate.

i think when i was flying out of Denver, one time, there were rumors that Ralph Nader was in the same airport. i totally missed him, though… like i would be able to recognize him anyway. LOL

how funny he was so desperate for a debate that he did it with little action figures.

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