We Need Names!

Well, here they are! Chelsey’s new kittens, currently known as white kitty and brown kitty. Kitty 1 and Kitty 2. No name kitties, which just won’t work for long. So, what do you think these boys should be named? (Click on the thumbnail for the pop-up version.)

By Christine

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They are both boys. Brown kitty is 5 months old. White kitty is 4 months old. They were both adopted (one from HOPE and the other from animal control). White kitty is SO laid back, very much the lap kitty. Brown kitty is a little more high strung, harder to approach, but very playful. PLEASE help us name them. 🙂

This is not very original, but if I ever found myself with a new pair of cats, I would name them *Mungojerrie* and *Rumpelteazer*, from the musical *Cats* and T.S. Eliot’s *Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats*. In the book, Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer are both boys, but in the musical, Rumpelteazer is a girl!

The poem is about the two cats who roam around and get into all sorts of mischief.

Hell and Damnation.
Apogee and Nadir.
Tilde and Ampersand.
Dog and Mouse… no wait, Billegible already calls her cats that.
Yeah Byron and Oscar is nice and classical.

How about Vin and Diesel? What!

heh, no really, okay, hmm — I wanted to say Bill and Hillary (to go with Chelsey) but since they’re both boys how about a list of boy pairs: Barnum & Bailey, Oscar & Felix, Ben & Jerry, Bert & Ernie, Starsky & Hutch or just my personal favorite, Mike and Charlie.

Stage Fright, Quickly, Professor, Straight Flush, Sylvester, Twice, Einstein, Betty Boop, Schlafenhund (sleepingdog), Twitches, Taz, Fluffles, Speed Racer, Shadow Prancer

Or for a pair:
Sin & Redemption, Sigfried & Roy, Dusk & Don, Thunder & Lightning

A friend of mine has a white bull terrier that he named “Mzunga.” This friend had been to Africa on a trip and was constantly being referred to as Mzunga (I’ve probably misspelled it) or “the white guy.”

Anyway, I thought Mzunga (pronounced: mehzoonga) was a cute name for a white male dog or cat. 😉

Good luck. Naming dogs and cats isn’t easy!

Ben and Jerry, Critter and Varmit, Heckle and Jeckle, Simon and Garfunkel, Sneaky and Freaky, Baskin and Robbins,
Blanco and Negro (what is brown in Spanish? Bruno?

Brown is marron (accent over the O) in Spanish. On a different note, my favorite pet name of all time was my grandmother’s dog, a stray she named “Shine.” It’s more of a doggie name than a kitty, though.

Ren and Stimpy? 😉

The white one looks like Colby and the brown one looks like Riley…? Just a suggestion… 😉
Good luck…from all 7 of my kitties (5 live w/ me)…Zora, Jasmine, Chloe, Sophie, Gary, Jayda, and Mia…only one boy out of the bunch!
Post what names you decide on!

Fred and Barney (white kitty), Ricky and Fred (i.e., Ricardo and Mertz =-),
Billy and Bobby (call ’em both at once: Billy Bob! =-), Billy and Bubba (brown kitty), Carl and Ray (from Blockbuster), Bill and Ted (from their Excellent Adventure) (white & brown kitty respectively)

I’ll keep thinking on it. >>^,,^

Cute Kitties! How about naming them after the Little Rascals! Buckwheat,Spanky,Darla, and Alfalfa. When I was a little girl I had two cats and named one Buck and the other Wheat, The Kittens mother name was Rascal. Forward me what other ideas you get and let me know what you decide! What a fun naming idea!!

Call off the name search. The kitty f/k/a white kitty is named Pongo. The kitty f/k/a brown kitty is named Pinky. (Yes, if you’re wondering, we stole the name “Pongo” from 101 Dalmations. And, yes, if you’re wondering, we stole the name “Pinky” from Steven Spielberg’s cartoon Pinky & the Brain). Their new names DEFINITELY fit their personalities and we couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks, everyone, for all your fabulous suggestions! 🙂

I personaly think you should name the white one Ralphy and the brown one Murphy..I think those are the cutest names, and from what i see in the photo it fits them!

Hello, everyone this is Brittany Spears! I LOVE cats! so i was looking at some cats on the web and went to this site..well I think you should name the cats Madonna and Christina..we are lezbos together..well i have to go record my newest Cd..Love everyone, Brittany Spears

I just got on the internet to see ow many other kitty’s were named Pongo. I have a 2 year old white male kitty with 3 semi-large black spots and of course his name is Pongo. We call him other names similar like Ping-Pong, or my fav is Peepin, or lastly Peeps. Every one thought I was crazy for naming a cat Pongo but it fits him SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO well.

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