Well, Does Mr. Rodgers Live There?

I’ve received mailings about The Neighborhood from MCI. Unlimited long distance, phone service, call waiting, caller ID, voicemail – all the things I use for one price. The cost is about the same as I pay monthly to SWBell, but the huge perk would be unlimited long distance calls. I never call anyone because of the cost of doing it – so if I sign up for this I could. What I’m wondering is – is there anyone out there that is using MCI for their phone service? (I’ve used them for long distance before and I was happy with them.) What do you think of their phone services – as in actually providing you with your phone connection?

By Christine

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We’ve had them for about 18 months now and I’m on the American Airlines frequent flier program. In that time, we’re about 1500 miles short of a round-trip domestic coach ticket. (Yeah…family not in-state…) I’ve been nothing but happy with them, although the current Worldcom layoff situation has me a little nervous.

we’ve had them for about 3 months. i love their service! my sister is out of state and i had bills in the $300’s before. now i can talk to her all day long every day i want and it’s still only going to be $50.

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