Wet Adventures with DateMan…

Oh Dear Lord. I was complaining earlier today about the fact that we’ve had 10 days of rain and it just seems like it will never end. Now? Oh my.

At about 8pm, going out to dinner seemed like such a good idea. Sure, it’s raining – but this is Houston! If you can’t handle rain you really need to leave. We’re tough, we won’t melt, so off we went to the restaurant.

The place was dead, but the service was great. As we were finishing up the waitress commented that they had closed because of the storm – not to rush, but she wanted to close out our check. Ok, no big deal. We talked for a little while after we finished our meal, hoping the storm would let up. No such luck. We finally decided that we could make it to the car, I would skip the errand I needed to run, and head for my place.

We had taken my car to the restaurant. Heading home, I tried to go down the main street to my apartment … until I noticed that the street was completely full of water. Uhm, ok, I’ll try to take “the back way” in, going through the subdivision and then down to my apartment. Ha! When I realized how deep the water was (I was about to float away) I pulled in to the first driveway I could get in to just to get out of the water.

DateMan hadn’t met my parents yet, and I didn’t really think that 10pm at night, soaked from the rain, was the best time to just drop in, but there were no other options left. It was either that or cruise around Houston looking for higher ground, so off to my parent’s house we went after a courtesy call to warn them that we were coming over. (They only live 8 blocks from my place, and about 5 blocks from where I was stranded at the moment.)

One problem. Their street was flooded too. I was able to make it to the house across the street from theirs, but no further. So I pulled in to the neighbor’s driveway, explained the situation, gave them the key to my car (I’ve known them since 1985, so I felt pretty safe) and asked them to move my car to my parent’s house when the water went down. Then we waded through water that was at least 7 inches deep (ewwww!) over to my parent’s house. Dad greeted us outside, and we went to the back porch to wait out the rain. Cozy and dry, which was better than we had been.

After awhile I realized the rain was letting up, so I went outside to look and discovered that the street had cleared and I could see the curbs and pavement again – quite a switch from the missing curbs earlier, water in to the yards of most houses. It seemed like it might be the only chance I would have to move my car, so we were off again. I got my car out of their driveway and headed for home.

But it wasn’t going to be that easy yet. Both routes to my place are still completely flooded – so I ended up parking in the lot across the street and we had to wade through water that was close to knee deep to get back to my place. Add to that the fact that my umbrella decided to leak, and I was pretty much soaked from head to toe.

Ahhhh… the stories we have to tell. Hopefully everyone else in Houston is doing ok and their evenings aren’t as exciting as ours. Only 8 inches of water in 3 hours here, and there is still more to come tonight. They claim that after 10 days straight of rain, it might finally go away for a little while. I don’t believe them. According to the flood warning for Harris County doesn’t end until 8am tomorrow morning. Someone hand me some wading boots…

By Christine

Christine is an Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower is helping Hot Mamas grow their Confidence by rediscovering their Beauty. She lives in the Heights in Houston, Texas, works as a boudoir photographer, and writes about running a Business of Awesome. In her spare time, she loves to knit, especially when she travels. She & her husband Mike have a food blog at Spoon & Knife.

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i’m glad you and DateMan got home safely… there were a LOT of stupid drivers on the road tonight… it’s like when it rains, everyone in Houston forgets how to drive! i swear! but it’s good you took higher ground even though you had to wade through trenches to get to your parents. i hope they liked DateMan, though! i know i do! 🙂

Oh my — that does NOT sound like fun! At least you had someone fun to share it with. You think with all the rain Houston gets they’d have better drainage systems. When my aunt lived in Katy she had problems with flooding all the time…

But please send the rain our way. Our plants and trees desperately need it right now.

Glad to know you two are OK! EJ was having to watch the water too since it got a bit closer than expected to his house. He says it’s gotten better though… Our subdivision is new enough that they built in some good drainage and we have been A-OK.

Car companies should eat up opportunities like that to sell more trucks and SUVs.

“Look how much ‘ground’ clearance our cars and trucks have! Come on down to Charlie Thomas Ford and we’ll guarantee you a dry drive!”

Sounds like a pleasant experience over all for you and DateMan. 🙂

My hubby and I found ourselves in a similar situation last night around 8:30. On our way home from dinner we pulled onto our street and quickly realized we were never going to get through to our apartment complex. Brilliant hubby found a raised circular driveway where we waited for the water to recede for about half an hour. It ended up being a pretty comfy place to watch the rest of the cars. 😉

living in houston…..oh, the joys of being at or near sea level. and i’m digging the mushrooms growing in my yard….it’s when i start eating them that we all have to worry. 😉

I can relate – I had to walk through a river as well last night to get into my apartment. Luckily I had been to the gym so I didn’t have my work clothes on anymore to ruin!

I am glad you two had a good time last night despite the icky wet weather! Hey, but playing in the rain can be fun…just not driving in it!!

My goodness, what a big fiasco! We don’t even get THAT much rain barely ever, and people always say WA is wet. LOL! It sounds like you need to put your house on stilts!!!
I’m glad you and dateman had fun, though. Did he make a good impression on the parents 😉 😉 😉

My Dad only met him in passing thanks to the storm. My Mom wasn’t around. It wasn’t a huge formal meeting or anything – heck, we had to wade over from the house across the street! My Dad’s not the type to give me feedback on anyone … so there is nothing to share.

And yet, despite being soaked to the knees and dropping in unexpectedly, I like to think I made a stunning first impression. (With all, oh, 8 words that we said to each other.)

You try and plan, and prepare, and get ready to meet the ‘rents, and it never happens like you expect.

I enjoyed reading your post and all, sure, but it was kind of anticlimactic given the title — Wet adventures with DateMan.

I was all, “Woo hoo! Wet adventures with DateMan!”

Anyways, it sounds like DateMan might be TheMan.

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