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What Do I Need to Do?

It seems that Min Jung is a Born Again Virgin and has now been contacted by the Discovery Channel. Hmmm, I wonder how long it has to be for me to qualify to be a BAV? After all, it’s been awhile…

By Christine

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2 replies on “What Do I Need to Do?”

I have issues with the idea of a Born Again Virgin. Serious issues. The concept of ‘virgin’ means, according to the dictionary: “A person who has not experienced sexual intercourse.”

Once you have an experience you can’t un-have it, not matter how deeply you may regret what you’ve done. Anyone claiming to have “regained” their virginity, without using a time machine to stop the initial event, is a pretentious, wishful douchebag.

ROFL! Having met Min Jung in person, I seriously doubt that she is promoting herself as a virgin – it just cracked me up that the Discovery Channel contacted her! Although reading the page she linked to about the “Born Again Virgin” … I like it. As a single woman in 2K, it’s not easy. And like they said, my booty is worth more then that. No booty calls for me!

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