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What Were They Doing?

I have had 3-4 comments in the past month or so that look like this:

Explorer Generation Generation , Window . Using Common New color Explorer Window Help port . Information system List. your Wrong , . . and None . Keys dialog . Window Window logged order , to , . Window Needed , – SSH1 ANSI authentication column . , Enrollment displayed Settings Keys Toolbar Block control icon Public-Key , line blocking window the CA , Windows layer Transfer to modification SFTP reply . Root Failed Downloading files Icons saved files Profiles SSH #11 them multiple installed, Wizard ,

That is just a snippet of what they included. What were they trying to do?

Damn stupid evil spammers.

By Christine

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2 replies on “What Were They Doing?”

I had one that was saying how he was from Google, how it was the best search engine and a link. Weird!

I wonder if they do less obvious (in their minds anyway) spam comments at first to try and get approved? Not that you would but who knows how their minds work.

That’s assuming they have minds. I’ve been getting stuff like that (‘really nice site!’ with online poker link) in both comments and trackbacks. Really annoying … stupid spammers!

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