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Whip Me, Beat Me, Call Me Edna…

Who would have ever expected a student bondage club at Iowa State? I guess Des Moines is just one city that would have never come to mind when you said bondage. Las Vegas? Sure. New York? Sure. Des Moines? No. [via Syd’s comments, left by Al]

It cracks me up that they named their S&M Club at Iowa State U “Cuffs” – would those be fur-lined or just straight metal?

UPDATE: It has been pointed out by Gretchen that ISU is in Ames, Iowa – not Des Moines. Somehow, that makes the article even more amusing. Sure, their might be something like this in Des Moines – but Ames? A town most of us have never heard of? Yes, that is amusing indeed!

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a coworker from IA tells me that on friday nights they used to ‘shag the drag’. she said that that only meant driving up and down main street, but now, hmmm, I’m wondering if she told me the truth. Clearly Iowans are a little freakier than I’d previously thought! 😉

I used to live right next to Iowa (Illinois side) and I’m telling you, there’s nothing ELSE to do in Iowa than freaky deaky sex games.


Defying all laws of physics, Iowa both sucks AND blows, simultaneously. :shudder:

Thank jeebus I live in Minnesota now – where we have a rip-rocking time, whoo-hoo!

I’ve always found that the kinkiest people live in the middle of nowhere. If there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do, people tend to look to eachother for fun!

Well, that or drugs.

Being from Iowa, and a ISU graduate student, AND a founding member of Cuffs 4 years ago, I can say that there are groups like this all over the US. We are just one of the few to be recognized as a offical student group by the University.

I know of 3 other Iowa based BDSM groups and several others in surrounding midwest states. Sure, fetishism is not as open or accepted in the midwest as it is in more populated metropolis-like areas, but people are generally the same wherever you go.

I was driving from Houston, TX to San Antonio, TX, at night in the middle of a severe thunderstorm (thunder, ligntening, hail, and sleet; typical Texas weather). I heard this song for the first and only time, so far. I know for sure that it was after Michael’s Pepsi commercial, since the lyrics mention it.

I, like the teeming multitudes want to know who sang it, and where I can get a copy.

Can you help me?

Almost certain the band was “Strapped”. It’s shown up on Dr. Demento a few times, but not in a while … SOMEbody’s got a copy; I’ll happily pay a reasonable amount for one!

I would LOVE to have a MP3 copy of the song “Edna” by Strapped. Jeffery Thames says he has a copy and to drop him an email, but I do not find his email anywhere online. Would someone be willing to allow a download of this song if they have it in MP3 format? I would LOVE a copy as it has been 20 years since I heard it last, and I have been looking for it every since. Thanks DEARLY! 🙂

I was teased with this song by a coworker,cause my name really is Edna. My manager doesn’t believe that the song existed. I would love to be able to find a copy online just to let him hear it. Ive never heard it before, but my co-worker would always come in singing it to me,lol!

Okay, back around 1985 or 86, we had a local DJ who locked himself inside the radio station and played this song continuosly for 9 or 10 ours. We laughed all day!

Is there anyway to get a copy of it? I can still remember some of the lyrics, even though that was the only time I ever heard the song.

What was it…Burn my hair I like that action, make me look like Michael Jackson…”

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