Win-Win Fundraising…

As a Mom, I am required to post this on my blog. Please pardon the shameless promotion. Part 2 of Jason’s school fundraiser is under way – he is raising funds for St. Anne School by selling Sally Foster Giftwrap. If you have never used Sally Foster, they have great high-quality holiday and all-occasion giftwrap made of the strongest paper available as well as coordinating accessories, unique gift ideas, and fine chocolates all at an incredible value. I *love* wrapping gifts with this paper, and the rolls are huge – great if you have a large family, or if you are like me they just last a long time. Nice, nice paper – not the flimsy stuff you get sometimes at the store.

When you place an order, St. Anne School retains 50% of your purchase amount and Jason will receive prize credit for orders placed by October 10, 2003. So if you normally order gift wrap anyways, would you consider ordering from Sally Foster to support him and his school? Thanks!

By Christine

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Last year was the first year that I wasn’t working full time, and for 4-6 years previous, I always worked with moms with kids that sold this kind of stuff every year. So I was SO sad that I didn’t get my normal fix of terrific wrapping paper. I’m totally loving the idea of doing it this year, and the patterns they have are terrific! I don’t know if I’ll get an order together before the 10th, but I’ll try; how long will he be doing it for?

One of my purchases from a similar catalog was yellow paper with blue and green Geckos on it. I’ve told my little brother that he’s gonna get Gecko paper for the next 10 years for his birthdays because the paper I bought when he was 10 is STILL quite a big pile. LOL! 😀

Oooh, if I wasn’t hopelessly devoted to Innisbrook (giving the credit to my former grammar school…why I don’t know – I graduated there EONS ago), I’d be all over it 🙂 Mail order giftwrap is the best!

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