Wish my Kid was Just as Smart…

Whenever I see services like SmarterChild, I wonder (often out loud) if they will work with Trillian. I am not about to give up the ease of having all of my IM interfaces rolled into one. Then my next question is, would I use it anyways? Do I have a NEED for it? Or am I just a gadget-junkie who wants to play with all the toys? Hm. I’ll have to test it with Trillian later. (Link thanks to Mike McBride.)

Update: I added SmarterChild to my buddy list in Trillian. He can indeed talk to me. For the excitement of the moment, he told me what the Libra horrorscope (yes, “horror-scope”) is for today. I guess he can tell me lots of other things too. Maybe I’ll test that out later. Maybe after I do all of the other things on my list for today…

By Christine

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Do you need it? No, but it does make some things easier, for example when my wife stopped by the office and asked me what the weather forecast was I could type forecast columbus,oh and get it without having to open a browser and go to for it. That makes it useful in my book 🙂

BTW thanks for the link!

Ok, now that’s cool. Now how do I get it to display the movie showtimes? I got it to list the movies for my area, but couldn’t figure out the command to display a showtime for a particular movie.

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