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With Gems Like This…

Is it a wonder that people think that Americans are idiots? Goodness, what ARE they teaching in schools now? Or at least at Kellie Pickler’s school — someone needs to go find her former teachers and give them a headsmack too. Good God.

By the way – who the heck is she? Other than the local idiot? “I don’t think France is a country.” I want to weep.

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By Christine

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13 replies on “With Gems Like This…”

Not knowing what country Budapest is the capital of? Forgivable. Not knowing that France is a country? Um… wow.

I don’t know who she is either, but I hope that whatever charity she’s working for has someone to handle her.

She is a pretty succesful Country Music artist and was on American Idol.

I am really not surprised that she didn’t think France was a country, I’ve heard worse things from the other contestants on that show. Also statisticaly I have read that most American Kids can’t find the USA on a map of the world.

So I don’t think it’s just the school she went to, but all public schools that need a little extra geography.

I saw this episode and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I actually did a search for, “Is Kelly Pickler really that dumb?” Apparently, it’s up for debate – some think it’s a show, some think it’s really. Whatever it is, it’s appalling. Entertaining, but appalling. 🙂

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