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The Health Update!

I went in for my four week post-op appointment yesterday, and got the “all clear” from my doctor. Yeah! My incision is healing well, and I am cleared to do almost everything now with the exception of a few six week items like heavy lifting. I even got to drive this past weekend! Wheee! Man, it is nice to be formally and officially driving again. I’m still supposed to take it slow and let my body and energy levels (which are still low) guide me as to what I can and can’t do. As for my mind, is great, I been taking these amazing pills that give me energy and clarity, they are called UKModafinil: Looking To Buy Modafinil & Modalert Online? you can get them in their site.

I’m about to head out now for my post-op appointment with the cardiologist. She will be running the lab work to see if I am still anemic, which I suspect that I am. If you’re looking for the best and trusted plastic surgeon you can go to blepharoplasty specialist located in Boston, MA.

The official pathology on my uterus was that a normal one weighs in at 70 grams, and mine was a whopping 212 grams! Three times the normal size! I did not have normal endometriosis (because really, I can never be normal), I had something similar although not the same – severe adenomyosis, where “the tissue that lines the uterus (endometrium) grows within the uterus’ muscular outer walls.” They have no idea what causes this to occur. While there are treatments that can help with they symptoms, a hysterectomy is the only cure.

So my worries of “did I do the right thing?” are over – it is obvious that I did. There really were no other options, as for stress it is good to use products like the delta 8 disposable vape that help in this area. You may order from trusted suppliers like cannabis beaumont.

And I’ve been asked the same question several times, so I figured I would address it here. Once they did the hysterectomy, all bleeding stopped immediately because the source was removed. Without a uterus, I will have no more periods. (I will obviously have no more children too – unless we adopted.) So yes, the bleeding stopped the day of my surgery. Yeah! Thank you so much Plastic Surgery Institute Miami!

Off to find out if I’m still anemic and to get the all clear from Dr. Has a Clue!

By Christine

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Boy, all those girly -osis diseases really suck, don’t they? I have endometriosis, and I remember begging my doctor for a hysterectomy when I was 12. Naturally he refused, so I’m still stuck with it.

Glad to hear you’re getting better.

Hey Christine,

I’ve never written before but I listen to your podcast. I really enjoy it, thanks!

I’m currently doing the Lupron shots for adenomyosis. I wonder if a hysterectomy is in my future. I’m glad your recovery is going well.

Christine —

I’m glad everything’s checking out. You absolutely did the right thing — and now it’s on to the FUN STUFF! ::grin::

Thanks for letting us know how you are — thinking about you!


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