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It is about freakin’ time! One of my all time favorite movies EVER is Woo and they are FINALLY releasing it on DVD! Yes, Woo. Woooooo! I laugh to the point of tears every time I watch this movie. Matter of fact, even though I am weak and sick and puny feeling, I just unpacked two boxes of video tapes just to find my copy because I want to watch it tonight. I need a good laugh, and I know that Woo can give it to me. They have put almost every movie out on DVD – why do I have to wait until January 2004 for Woo? *sigh* For now, the video will have to do. But I can’t wait to own it on DVD!

Do you ever have one of those movies that you and your friends quote all the lines from? Chelsey made me watch this movie a few years ago (probably back in 1998), and even now we quote everything. Crayola, Purina, the orange pleather jumpsuit, “Call me on 9-1-1, I’ll get it” – even the amusing sound that the car alarm makes when they leave the club. Seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie – I promise, you’re missing a good one! Wooooooooo! *snapping motion in the air*

By Christine

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I have never seen this movie, and really never thought I’d want to, but if it’s this funny I think I’ll give it a try!

Sorry you’re not feeling well. Seems to be going around everywhere right now. I have that crackly ear thing going on too – sinus infection is causing mine. Take it easy and rest 🙂

Have a couple of those movies myself. Better Off Dead, The 5th Element, P.C.U., The Last Starfighter, Joe vs. The Volcano. I like watching any of these movies, especially since I can say the lines along with them.

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