Wow, that’s cool!

Clairol has a “try it on” section to their site! How is that for cool? I am going to have to play with it. How fun! (Thanks to Mended with Glue for the link!)

By Christine

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3 replies on “Wow, that’s cool!”

It’s cool, but it seems a little worthless unless you upload your own picture. And even then you have to make sure your picture is taken in the perfect light (read: studio) and is the correct sized headshot. Neat idea but I dunno how useful it really is.

Actually, you can resize the picture and move it around easily when you upload it. You do need a picture without bangs though – all the hair I “tried on” looked odd because of the bangs. And my pics didn’t have studio light – matter of fact, I used one of the images from my sidebar shots for it. Worked fine except for the bangs issue.

My point about the studio light is that the color of the hair sample isn’t going to give you a true idea of what they look like on you if you pair them with a picture taken in less-than-perfect light. The pics on your sidebar have great light. : )

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