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It seems that even though our government can’t give us proof of those weapons of mass distruction that we told the rest of the world that Iraq definitely had, we should just take their word for it. Powell has slammed the media for their Iraq WMD reports.

Powell said there was “no doubt whatsoever” that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction prior to the U.S.-led invasion that ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, though little evidence has turned up since then.

Uh huh. And in a United States court of law, you have to have evidence. Proof. Something. You can’t just stand there and say “this is what we are telling you so you should believe it.” I’m sick of my own government trying to feed me that crap, and it makes us look like idiots to the rest of the world. If having an affair with an intern and then lying about it is grounds for impeachment, I think that lying about the reason for a war should be an impeachable offense too. [via Moose Mike.]

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Powell has the nerve to say that the media are the ones telling citizens that the gov lied about the weapons. Um, no, there are none so far idiot. I’m sick of the lies and the balme game etc. We are not idiots.

In 1989, Powell was just like this about Noreiga:

Powell demonized Noriega over the supposed discovery of drugs and voodoo artifacts in his safehouse. Powell started calling Noriega “a dope-sniffing, voodoo-loving thug.” (The white powder in Noriega’s house that was initially called cocaine would turn out to be tamale flour.) When asked once too often about the failure to capture Noriega, Powell told the reporter to “stick it.”


We’re probably lucky he didn’t run for president.

I never said we needed physical evidence. Even some circumstantial evidence would be nice – something more than “well, because I said they have them then they must have them.” That doesn’t stand up in a court of law here. If it did, I could just walk in to a court room and say, “This man robbed my house. Because I said he robbed my house, you should believe me.” That just wouldn’t fly.

I almost wrote that I wanted physical evidence when I wrote this post, but I took that word out. I want some evidence, anything. Right now I don’t feel that I have even that.

But this weekend in an interview (on one of those “Meet the Press” type shows), Powell reiterated that they know they have these weapons and the capability to manufacture them, and that the U.S. will be working even harder to find them from this point on…

Gee, that’s really comforting, isn’t it?!

The problem is, the left is so wrapped up in their hatred of Bush, that there is no longer anything that will appease them. Even finding evidence of WoMDs will lead to something else to protest about. The left are not interested in the people of Iraq. They are not interested in freedom. They are not interested in mass graves. They are only interested in one thing: Hating George Bush.

Much as some on the far right are blinded by their loyalty to Bush, the far left are blinded by their animosity. Witness the supposed looting that went on in Iraq. Now that almost every single item has been recovered or found (and some found within Iraq, at Baath party headquarters, no less), there were no retractions from the left. In fact, they fell silent on the issue just like they will fall silent when evidence of WoMD are found.

It’s interesting to note that the left wanted to give the inspectors more time – I guess 12 years wasn’t long enough – but less than three months after the war has all but ended, they are pointing their fingers at the fact that nothing has been found so far.

Please read this for some eye opening pointers on the WMD scenario.

Perhaps if Bush haters would open their eyes to some unbiased news sources, and stop getting their news from Democratic Underground (come on, I don’t even read Free Republic with a straight face), they would see more than their blindless is allowing them to.

Perhaps those who ascribe concerns about the veracity of the WMD claims to “Bush-hating” should take a look at comments made by one of their own, namely Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol who said this weekend:

“We shouldn’t deny, those of us who were hawks, that there could have been misstatements made, I think in good faith,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol told “Fox News Sunday.”

Asked, by whom, the leading Iraq war backer explained, “By the president and the secretary of state, [statements] that will turn out to be erroneous.”

If someone like Kristol isn’t convinced everything was on the up-and-up—and he goes on to say he’s “very skeptical” that WMD’s will ever be found—why should those of us who doubted Bush’s motivations from the get-go be anything but just as skeptical?

if Bush really cared about people, democracy, and freedom, we’d be all up in the Congo right now. if Bush really cared about WMD, then we would have attacked N. Korea first.

nevermind that Iran is already moving towards becoming a democratic society; we’re attacking them next! they’ve got tons of oil WMD too!

Perhaps if the U.N. didn’t give Saddam all that extra time to hide the weapons we wouldn’t be having to search for them.

Mikey, where did you read that Iran was moving towards becoming a democratic society? Sure, it’s what the people want and they’ve been attempting a revolution, but the government has all but made sure that they are being silenced.

Yeah, Iran is moving too slowly toward Democratic reforms. Clearly we need to help speed up the process. It’s unfortunate, but we may have to resort to military force. Let’s give them some time, though. We shouldn’t invade until late summer/early fall 2004… when is the GOP covention again?

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