The Joys of Parenthood…

Yesterday morning Jason woke up and was immediately complaining that he was “so hungry that he was going to throw up.” Jason’s not normally a puke-y kid, not like I was growing up. I don’t think he’s even thrown up 10 times in his life. So the fact that he was complaining was a huge red flag. He said he was hungry though, and I’m a firm believer in listening to your body, so he ate breakfast.

Not a smart move – he threw up by 9:30 am.

I have a weak stomach, and if I even hear someone throwing up, I start to gag. I managed to make it though, cleaning up the bathroom, helping him settle in to my bed to rest and watch cartoons. Within an hour he was complaining that he was starving – so I let him have some toast and some Sprite. He was able to keep that down, so he had lunch and dinner without any problem.

Until 3:30 this morning. That’s when he woke me up to tell me that his stomach hurt. Ugh. There wasn’t much I could do for him though, so he went and laid back down in his bed to read. I went to check on him, to ask him if he was ok, and he shook his head no and took off for my bathroom. He stayed up the rest of the night, and again, within an hour of being sick, said he was hungry. More toast. More cartoons.

I came to work because he said he felt ok, and every time I’ve talked to him he has said he feels fine. Hopefully, whatever this was has passed. I’ve felt sick to my stomach all day, but I think most of that is just from thinking about it. Hopefully it wasn’t a bug that I’ve caught. I don’t have time to be sick right now.

I guess there is something to be said for working out – already, I feel that old zoom zoom feeling. I’ve been moving and grooving today at work – even with my lack of sleep last night. The fact that one of my attorneys was out of the office today helped too – I could focus and get things out the door.

We talked about it over lunch at work today – when you were a kid and you got sick to your stomach, what did your Mom give you to make you feel better? Sprite, crackers and toast were always my favorites. I had a doctor tell me a few years ago to drink Sprite after I was sick, not water – that the carbonation helps to settle the stomach. What was your remedy?

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Ginger Ale and Saltines. Then maybe later after I kept that down for a while some sweetened tea and chicken soup. I wouldnt eat if I felt like I was going to hurl, I would just drink the ginger ale and take something to settle my stomach. I hope he’s feeling better!

Ginger Ale or flat Coke (original, not Classic or New or Original or some other marketing thing…)

Followed by soup if that went okay. Followed by a tuna sandwich if soup went okay. Followed by having to go to school if the sandwich went okay.

Ginger ale for this kid. It wasn’t so much the carbonation, but the ginger itself, to soothe the stomach. I think the people started using Sprite as an alternative, thinking that it was the carbonation.

Anything with ginger works… candied ginger, ginger root, and especially ginger tea! They say even a compress made with ginger tea, set on the stomach, will help!

An article on Ginger and Stomach Aches:

BTW, Mint tea is also excellent.

oh, and I just read this:
“If you are feeling like you are going to throw up (Vomit) then take a jar of pickles. Open it and sniff the contents of the jar. The smell of the Pickling spice will soothe your stomach.”

I’ve never heard of this, it sounds silly. 🙂

I can relate on the weak stomach thing – I gag really easily. Everyone in my family seems to think it’s amusing how easy it is to set me off.

I too had ginger ale and dry toast when sick. just little sips!
hope he’s feeling better!

Flat Sprite, because my mom swore the bubbles would upset my stomach and toast too, I think.

Stomach ickies are the worst. I hope Jason is over it now and you don’t get it. 🙂

Ginger ale… for the combo of ginger and carbonation. I have issues with candied ginger now… my best friend had mono and was constantly puking, so they gave her candied ginger. I ate enough of it to throw it up (which, if it’s supposed to calm your stomach, is A LOT), and to this day, I can’t drink ginger ale, eat gingersnaps, or use ginger in any pies or recipes. I gag at the smell of it.

My mom gave the heated Jell-O liquid as well. The strawberry banana one always settled my stomach. And my Gma would give me Coke syrup from the drugstore. I’m not even sure if you can find that anymore though.

Actually, Coke syrup is still available, and still quite popular. What I suggest, is to keep some on hand, and if your pharmacy doesn’t carry it, ask them to special order it in for you. Most of the time, they will.

Whew! I thought I was the only person with a stomach that sensitive. The sound or sight of someone throwing up will always make me gag. Even animals. Gah. Cleaning up after cat hairballs makes me queasy.

It was 7up and toast or crackers for me as a kid. Nothing original here! 🙂 Chicken soup if all that went down (stayed down?) okay.

Don’t listen to what Nicole said. When you’re sick or feeling sick, drink orange juice and eat some ginger candy.

— Edited by Christine: I deleted “Nicole’s” comment. I have no need for a troll that just felt like being gross. And no, I don’t have a stomach that is that weak. Gotta love the trolls…

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