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You Said it is How Big?

A new mathematical formula, that estimates penis size, has been developed for people who have not yet seen the real thing in the flesh. Anyone willing to tell me just how accurate this thing really is? [via Jason]

By Christine

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26 replies on “You Said it is How Big?”

This penis sizer is totally bunk. I have medium hands, 8 1/2 shoe size and a medium nose, but my penis is a 7 incher if I’m an inch. That thing puts it at 4 inches.

For me, it was fairly accurate. It called me “average” (6 1/4″). I measured everything as I went through it. I’d say it’s pretty accurate.

Well, on the whole, kinda accurate, but I know people personally who throw it way off the mark. A size eight shoe can be an eight incher.

Um, not that I would know, because I’m still a virgin.Excuse me while I put the kid to bed.

Not acurate, sadly. My SO has a pretty, erm, large thingy, and this little test put him way below what he actually is (mind you, he got mad that I was measuring him for the sake of science). Geez, I was talking about his nose, you dirty people! Still, it’s way off. Can’t judge a book by it’s, erm, shoe size.

Aw, this is just great. So now I can know the size of my manhood, if I were a man… just one thing, though- do guys sit around measuring their penises or what? It seems like every guy I’ve run into knows the EXACT length of his penis… no estimating, but down to “6.74 inches”… (and according to the penis sizer, most of them were also lying. Which would cancel out what I just said.. damn.)

While it was fun um, er, uh, checking the accuracy… I gotta agree with the majority here and say the whole thing is bunk. It put Jack at about .5″ less than he turned out to be.

Next they’ll have one that tells you how you will work out as a couple from just your astrology signs! 😉

Very humorous and a good link. I got the impression that they were advertising some sort of condoms. I’m guessing they don’t call it ‘viral marketing’ though.

I think that penis size to hand size is accurate, or has been so far in all i have asked or seen! Bottom of palm to middle finger or it is thumb to pinky tip.

er, um……well i wear a size 11 shoe…..and i would have to say the correlation is accurate within reason. doesn’t make the theory real……….just coincidence =0)

Im a 19 latino guy my Dick is real big is over 9 1/2 and is also uncut. But the only thnin is that my foreskin does not move back. Is been like like that ever since i know i have a dick. I was concern can i get my foreskin fixx so i can move back do i have to get cut. Also if my dick gets to move will it get bigger that what it is.

please let me know


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