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Thanks to Dawn, I discovered that Leslie Harpold has an online Advent Calendar with delightful daily treats. As I looked at the first day of Advent, I noticed a link for the history of Advent Calendars. Some of you may have noticed that I absolutely love Germany and all things related to it – and I have a now 11 year old German Advent Calendar that I put up every year, but it has seen better days. Since I don’t have the funds to return to Rothenberg o.d. Tauber right now to buy a new one, I was thrilled to see that this is the company that makes them and they sell them online! Mine is the 3rd from the top, but I must get the one that is the 2nd from the top too – it looks just like Rothenberg! *sigh*

Anyone want to go to Germany and take me along with them? I would be happy to be your tour guide!

By Christine

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Dude, you are the only person I would go to Germany with, and you know how I feel about Germany 😉 I’d let you change my mind! It seems like I looked away for just a second, and big bad things happened! I’m so sorry you were laid off – that completely bites. If you can convince yourself that Ohio is like Boston (we have the same weather), my office should have an opening for a support person shortly, God willing. I’m a great boss, and we have a T1 connection – think it over…:)

Germany is my inspiration for Christmas decorating. They really do Christmas right! I’m aching to go to a Kristkindle Markt right about now.

I made Advent calendars for my boys with felt and fabric paint. They came out pretty nicely.

Haha, I’m *hoping* to go to Europe next summer and I would love to have some ideas of places to go in Germany … they have to be Interrail accessible, though. 😉 Any ideas you have would be more than welcome – I really don’t know much about Germany apart from the few places I went about 6 years ago.

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