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Alexis Liliane…

Click here to view the show larger! (Really, I’m trying not to double post everything that goes on the Fresh Photography blog over here, but this one? Oh, how could I resist!)

On Sunday, June 10th, right after returning from the Elevate and OneLight workshops in Orlando, I had the fortune of being able to visit Alexis and her family for an in-home portrait session. Alexis is an adorable 14 month old, and she was so beautiful it was hard to stop taking her picture! Matter of fact, the last few in the slideshow are from when she was having a post-shoot snack on the kitchen floor – my camera was still handy, so I had to take just a few more!

One of the most fabulous things about taking photographs in the client’s home or at a favorite location is the opportunity to include things that are very special to them. Alexis has a frog toy and a dress made of matching fabric by the same designer. Her room is so cute, decorated in coordinating fabrics. When I spoke with her mother, it was one of the first things that she requested – capturing the dress with the frog in the room. We got two out of three, as Alexis was not going to cooperate with us and sweetly hold the frog!

Another perk of on-location photography? Alexis is not a big fan of strangers. Matter of fact, they have tried before to take portraits at a studio, and I think they only got one or two shots out of the experience. Instead, I was able to come in, spend time with her, talking to her, letting her play while I chatted with her mom, easing her into things before I pulled out the big camera. Our session was well under 2 hours long, and we left with almost 100 images after editing! (Ok, I could have cut out even more, but how can I possibly resist that sweet face!)

I look forward to hopefully visiting Alexis again in the future!

If you’re interested in booking a portrait session, please use the contact link above or call. Sessions are not limited to Houston; contact us to discuss details!

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