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Already, the Homework is Piled High…

School started again yesterday. I came home after class with my first round of reading and homework for Organic Chemistry. Today I had Trig and Self Psychology, and I have homework (due on Thursday) for Trig and reading to do for my Psych class. Plus I need to go to the assessment center on campus and take the Meyrs-Brigg test.

Whatever happened to starting things off slowly? We have completely hit the ground running!

My stress over Organic Chemistry is getting a little better. I’m already starting to recall the things I thought I had forgotten over the summer. And I knew it was a good day in Trig when one of my classmates asked me what I was worried about – he was sure I would do well. (I have no idea how he knew that after one day. Maybe because I was the only person to show up to a math class with a calculator?)

The Self Psychology class has a better name than that, but really that is what it is all about. Self awareness, identifying strengths and weaknesses in ourselves, learning how to read others better and how to communicate more effectively. It is a required class for the pre-professional medical group that I am in and required for the scholarship I received this semester. They work with us a lot on making sure we know about the medical field we have chosen to pursue and what it will take to make it there. We have several papers to write over the semester, but most of them are pretty straightforward. I’m pretty excited about the class, since I have always found the topic itself interesting.

Now I just need to work out my homework times a little better. I didn’t take advantage of the 3 hours I have between when I get home and when Jason gets home on Monday, and it sucked having to work on homework so late tonight. Reading an Organic Chem book at 11pm is not fun. Now I know though, and I’ll readjust.

All in all, I think it is going to be a good semester. As long as it isn’t as crazy as last spring was, I will be happy!

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Everyone on earth should probably be required to take a Self Psychology class, don’t you think? If we were all aware of our strengths/weaknesses/interests/communication styles/etc, wouldn’t we interact better?

Nah, never mind. I don’t wanna know. You’re brave for diving in so enthusiastically. I’m sure you’ll do well this semester!

I would love to take a self-psychology class. The semester sounds fun and makes me miss school. Although I don’t miss Organic Chemistry–I dropped that class after the first week, but I’m not a science person.

I hope your semester is terrific!

Oy, organic chemistry? I’m trying to think back to high school chem – not my favorite. In college I lucked out and got to take a science with no lab! Now in grad school I doubt I’ll set foot near any science lab, although I will be taking fabric painting and dying next year.

About the print/bag trade, I was looking at your photos and I love the Austin sky photo with the tall clouds. Most of the trades have been about a $25 value, so whatever size works for that is good, and don’t forget to include the shipping. All the bags have found homes and their owners seem happy with them.

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