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Amazing Race … 5 Teams Left

I’ll be adding to this one entry over & over as I watch TAR tonight, so just click on the more link and get the full scoop. I’ve been looking for Meryl on ICQ all day, but no luck. It’s more fun when you get to see what we both said – but this will do for tonight.

First, let’s start this off by saying I wasn’t sad to see Mary & Peach go last week. Peach was too sweet at times, and Mary just bugged me. Their luck was really bad in Hong Kong, and I felt sorry for them – but I didn’t mind that they were gone. I still miss the twins, and they have been gone for weeks.

Carol Burnett reunion show – Friday, 7pm. I loved Carol Burnett. I need to remember to watch that. (Sorry, note to myself there…)

Gary & Dave … first to go. I hate it when there are things like “go to the statue … hours are 8am – 5pm.” A lot of time it evens up the teams, and that sucks.

Chris & Alex head out. Do their accents bother anyone else? Chris sounds like he’s doing a fake British accent half the time.

Everything is closed until 6am. Great. So the teams just sit and wait…

Will Tara & Wil take the Fast Forward? That’s a HUGE Buddha. Wow. And wow again, they skipped the Fast Forward because they thought that Chris & Alex were going to do it? Silly choice. Wil yelling at Tara for telling the guys that she was going to go for the Fast Forward was typical, but I can’t say I blame him. I wouldn’t have told them.

Danny & Oswald are smart for avoiding the bickering of the other teams. I like them, I really do.

Team Smiley, on the other hand… ugh.

Great Wil. Change your mind AGAIN about whether or not to go for the Fast Forward. What a waste of time. And blaming Tara for his choice. At least they ended up on the same bus as Team Smiley. Can two teams be eliminated tonight?

HA! Tara & Wil get there – and there are Chris & Alex. Wil admits that he didn’t go for the Fast Forward because he thought they would. HA!

I’m not too sure if it was wise of Danny & Oswald to go to the concierge of the hotel, but they made it there at 1 minute to 8am, so that’s what matters. If you are planing a unique holiday experience right on the lake, check out Millst├Ątter See Hotel

Gary & David are talking about Danny & Oswald while in the cab riding to the Murray House. They call them “Cha-Cha Cha”, and they are saying things like “did you see Cha-Cha Cha? They are so calm, cool & collected. They are Zen. They look like they spent the night at a spa, and we are sweating like hogs…” Much laughter, it’s SO true!

Why is Wil pushing Gary?! I agree with Tara, “It’s like 10 seconds, Dude!”

Everyone is going to boat so far. Boston Boys are doing pretty good, but Tara & Wil and Gary & David are struggling…

Team Smiley is totally lost. Nowhere near the Murray House it seems. Ugh.

Danny & Oswald decided to run with the lion head costume. Seems like a smart move considering how the other teams are struggling with the boats. (The costume is meant to be worn by 2 people. The boat is meant to be rowed by 12.)

Team Smiley called the Hong Kong Tourism Board – their taxi driver was going completely the wrong way. So the person on the phone gave the driver directions – maybe they will get there now.

Gary is being an ass about rowing the boat and won’t help AT ALL to get them going – good job Gary.

Cha Cha Cha commented that their strategy all along has been to do whatever detour the other teams don’t pick.

Chris & Alex are out of the water. Tara & Wil are out of the water.

Danny & Oswald asked some person that was outside watering their flowers if they could use his phone and they called the airlines to book a flight to Australia! Way to GO!

Gary & David are out of the water. Everyone’s heading to the airport, meanwhile Team Smiley just got to the Detour.

Gary & David stopped to borrow a phone too. Meanwhile Cha Cha pass by. Where are they going? To a five star hotel. Because baby, there is no point in going to the airport where everyone will be stressed. Just go to the hotel and unwind. (These guys crack me up.) Oops. My mistake. They went to the hotel to get the name of a travel agency. They went to the travel agent who needed an hour to book their flights. “We need an hour to go shopping!” Uh, guys? It’s a race. (They are on standby for a different flight from the earlier phone call.) Shopping does NOT sound like a wise decision.

Meanwhile, Boston Boys and Tara & Wil are at the airport booking their flights with an airline. Gary & David booked theirs on the phone.

Do a little bit of shopping. “I LOVE this fragrance.” (they had gone in to a shop with perfumes) “We forgot that we were racing for a million dollars. We decided we had limited funds but we needed time to breathe…” Hmmm… smart guys. But they feel so goooood after their shopping…

Everyone is back at the airport wondering where Cha-cha-cha is. Gary is babbling at an agent at the airport. Then Team Smiley is saying “Gary and David are definitely the ugliest Americans. They destroy any positive feelings that anyone has towards America travelers.” Dude, have you *looked* at your sister lately? Between her tank tops, her knobby pony tails on the top of her head, her sunglasses and that bandana around her head … what do you think people thinks of her? Yikes!

Danny & Oswald? At a shopping center. Haven’t gone back to pick up their tickets. Talking about how “I heard Hallelujah when I walked through those doors. There is nothing like shopping to bring two friends together.” Ok guys. Go get on a plane! I wanted you to WIN!

Commercial’s over… they are back at the travel agency (appropriately the Lucky Travel agency…) “Hopefully we will get on a flight.” Hong Kong to Singapore, Singapore to Sydney, Australia. And the travel agent ordered them a car – a black Mercedes. I think they are going to cry.

Four teams on one flight – and no one knows where Danny & Oswald are. Too funny! Meanwhile they are cruising in style in the black Mercedes! “We are having a really good day today. We are styling.” All the other teams were on the Bangkok to Sydney flight, except for them. They got to travel all alone. And they make it to Australia FIRST!!! Go team Cha-Cha-Cha!!! 35 minutes ahead of the other flight. Go boys! Just goes to show that sometimes taking care of yourself pays off and helps you get ahead in the long run. (Well, this leg at least, the show’s only half way over!)

Roadblock! Clues in Australian slang. Oh, that will be fun. Danny & Oswald have the first clue, Gary & David are heading there. Now Chris & Alex are off. Good, David is doing the roadblock – I could just see Gary totally messing it up! You keep getting clues until you get one that tells you to return to your partner. This was emphasized twice, so I bet someone messes it up…

Oh! Look at that! Blake didn’t read the whole clue! Wil didn’t either! Way to go guys! So they went back to the Opera house and got their partners instead of finishing out the roadblock!

Oswald gets the last clue in the roadblock! He’s going to get Danny! Go boys!!!

David & the Boston Boy are almost done…

Number ONE! Oswald & Danny! w00t!!! Shopping and all … and they are number one!

Chris & Alex – number two.

David & Gary are worried – they think that all the other teams are ahead of them. They are really number three.

Meanwhile Team Smiley & Tara and Wil aren’t doing this right at all. They just realized that they were supposed to “return to their partner” when they had their partner with them! They are so SCREWED!

Oswald & Danny won a Caribbean cruise from Royal Caribbean for winning the first leg of the race. More pampering for the Cha-Cha Boys!

Wil is doing it all over now because he messed up and took Tara with him. Now Team Smiley just figured out what they did wrong too. Ha! I told you! I knew someone would mess it up! All they had to do was read the clue… totally lost time! Wil is back to get Tara. Now it’s her turn to chew him out! He *so* deserved that! Blake is back to get Paige now. They are in a total race for the finish! Now Tara & Wil can’t find the right museum, and everyone is running to get there… who will be eliminated? Damn! Tara & Wil made it! Team Smiley is OUTTA HERE! DAMN! I’ve been ROBBED!!! “This is the 2nd of 4 non-elimination points.” Man!

Ok, Smiley is already awfully close for comfort, and now we get a speech from Blake about how wonderful Paige is? “My sister is the most amazing woman in the world. If I could find a girl like her tomorrow, I would be married. I wouldn’t be single any more. She is so fun, so smart, so supportive… she’s just everything to me – I love her so much.” Ok, HE is the one that screwed up the roadblock, why the sappy speech about her? Hm. Creepy.

Now someone will be eliminated. Let’s see who it will be.

Climbing a BRIDGE? Hurl. Chris & Alex are taking the fast forward. Danny & Oswald are off to figure out if they can sign up for the bridge climb because it doesn’t open until 5:45am – and it’s 8:25pm. First to sign up for Danny & Oswald!

All right! Wil is wearing one of his ugly hats!

Chris & Alex got the Fast Forward – and meanwhile Team Smiley thought that they would go for it too even though Chris told them that they were too. They thought that they were just lieing about going for it. Now Team Smiley is heading over to sign in for the bridge climb.

Boston Boys will be overnighting in Melbourne. I’m not sure how smart that is … they think they are “wicked smart”. Blake & Paige are the 4th to sign up for the climb, and Gary & David decided to beg from people to get money. But they don’t sleep in a hotel, they just sleep outside and it’s raining. Danny & Oswald are sleeping in a hotel lobby, so they are refreshed for their climb. And they are dry instead of the people that are all wet!

Climbing this bridge *really* does not look like fun to me. Ugh.

I just have to toss in here, I think the first season was better. I liked the Fast Forwards and the Roadblocks a lot better, at least from what it seems like from memory. Maybe it was the teams? Maybe I’m just being a sentimental sap.

Danny & Oswald of course charm everyone. Have to love them… Used the cab driver’s cell phone to call to get their next flight reservation. And they are so nice to everyone… first flight out to Adelaide, behind the Boston Boys. Gary & David and Tara & Wil made the 2nd flight, and Team Smiley is on standby. The perssure is on!

Blake & Paige made the standby. The Boston Boys and Cha-Cha-Cha will end up on the first charter flight – but the Boston Boys are heading straight to the camp, where the other guys have a detour & a roadblock to get through. OMG!!! They are trying to get information on how to get to the pit stop, and Chris just called the Australian woman at the travel agency a “little hottie”!!! It’s spreading around the globe!

Now everyone is workingon getting directions, finding the metal tree. Tara is being a smartass about the fact that Gary & David are on the third charter flight – that’s nice. (It’s 15 minutes behind flight 2, and 30 minutes behind flight 1.) Wow! Now Wil has an ugly straw hat to wear! He’s prepared for everything! It’s really hot there in the Australia outback. 130 degrees. UGH. And I thought Houston = Hell!

Chris & Alex made it to the pit stop & won a trip to Cancun after the race is over.

Danny & Oswald are going to dig for an opal, “dressed like the Village People”. Going in the dig is a lot cooler then golfing outside in the 130 degree heat! Team Smiley is going to golf, because it would make their Dad proud. Considering they are from Texas, at least they might be a little used to the heat!

The golf course is the driest in the world, and it’s hard to tell which tee goes with which hole. Hm. I love the “keep off the grass” sign There IS no grass! Oh no! They didn’t complete the first hole! They teed off for #4, and finished in hole #1.

Tara & Wil said they thought they had found an opal, they didn’t. Danny & Oswald thought they found an opal, but they didn’t either. Meanwhile Team Smiley completed the wrong hole again, and then finally finished one hole. Then another. Everyone digging for opals is freaking out now. Gary & David are talking about going back going over to play golf instead. No! They haven’t ever played golf, and the course is NOT easy! Danny & Oswald were the first to find their opal. Pretty ironic, being the Cha-Cha boys! Now Gary & David left to go golf – and they have never golfed in their life. Wil keeps asking Tara if she wants to go golf, and she keeps saying “NO! I’m not leaving here to go golf!” Smart girl, Tara!

So let’s see … Team Smiley is off to the next point. Cha-Cha is off. Tara & Wil are off. And meanwhile Gary & David are going back to get golf clubs and golf. “It’s better then the mining.” Oh, this is going to be BAD. At least they went from tee 1 to hole 1! Two more holes to go. Too funny! Smiley thought they should do the golf because they know how to play golf. Meanwhile Gary & David golfed and got all 3 holes in a row.

Team Smiley is #2. Tara & Wil are #3. Danny & Oswald are #4… wow. I have thought for weeks that Gary & David would make it to the final 3 – I really did. Damn. Bye-bye guys. I’ll miss their quippy little comments… ROFL! Gary is asking Phil for “just one more chance … for old time’s sake.” David then tells Gary that he will never talk to him again. Hmmm… down to 4. This is where it gets interesting.

Go Cha-Cha-Cha!

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It was definitely an Amazing Race tonight. I loved it. This episode got my boyfriend hooked (finally.)

Go Danny & Oswald! Did you notice everyone was calling them Team Cha-Cha-Cha? And I love that the guys totally keep up the appearance of cool and collected even though they feel like they are about to be eliminated at any moment.

I really, really wanted Tara & Will to get the axe because of that slip up. I can’t believe Will can make such a HUGE mistake as that and still criticize Tara (one of the best players) every other minute. But she deserves what she gets for putting up with it.

I don’t think Paige’s outfits compare at all to Gary’s snide superiority complex. She makes Americans look silly and enthusiastic. He makes us look stupid, self centered and paranoid. I will not miss his constant Woody Allen-esque chatter.

What an Amazing commentary! Great job, I loved it! And two hours worth as well.

I made a few comments on my site, but after yours I realize how many moments I forgot to mention. Great job.

And I dunno, Blake and Paige—something is just so wrong about those two.

Blake’s “If i met a woman like my sister tomorrow I’d marry her” rant was a little on the icky side. I definitely agree they are treading the “Flower’s in the Attic” edge of normal sibling affections.

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