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And Your Point Is?

WARNING: Average Joe spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution. If you watched the show – or if you didn’t because you just don’t care – I need your feedback.

On a side note, Adam returns in two weeks. Now I have something else to look forward to on March 15!

I don’t hate Larissa as much as I hated Melana the last time around, probably because I simply adored Adam, and I was left just liking Brian. But … hello? Why did she pick Gil over Brian? Damn editing. I was totally set up for her to pick Brian. I was ready for it. Then she picks Gil. Heartless guy who just wants to be an actor.

I finally really started to like Brian in the last two episodes. It was of course enhanced because his hometown is Boston, and Boston ROCKS! I was so giddy just seeing him waiting for her in front of the Aquarium, then he took her on a Harbor tour. Cool, cool … but the best part? Them at Fenway. When that baseball player walked out, Brian was just floored. It was – in his own words – AWESOME! I thought she was totally going to go for him by the time the date was over.

So I’m sitting there, bitter and angry because I fell for it again, swearing that I will only watch Adam’s Average Joe show, but no others. Then they cut away to her and Gil in Cabo San Luca, and I realize that we have not heard her big secret yet.

Emily and I discussed our theories of the big secret over lunch today. Emily said it was probably that she posed in Playboy. I said that I thought she was going to say that she had been married and divorced.

Gil & Larrissa spend three great days in Mexico. Then on the rainy, stormy day – she announces her big secret.


She used to date Fabio.

Gil freaks, says that anyone else would understand how he feels, and leaves her in Mexico.

What? Huh? Because she dated Fabio?

I just don’t get it. My anger for her was gone because I was so stunned over his behavior. He left her, in Mexico, after four days, because she dated Fabio.

Really? Do guys have that huge of an issue with Fabio? I know he’s the cheesy beefcake on the romance novels, but would you dump someone just because they dated Fabio?

I’m still puzzled. I just don’t get it. Dude, it’s just Fabio.

By Christine

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i did not watch any of the episodes but i saw the commercials about her “big secret” and i can’t believe that was it!?!?! and i can’t believe the guy left her over it? whaaaaa?

Yeah, it seems weird to me, too. I didn’t watch any of the show, but several blogs that I read are up in arms over the weirdness. From what I saw on the commercials, the girl was cute… but maybe the guy was looking for a way out, for some reason. I don’t know.

Frankly, that’s the only thing I can see that makes sense. Seriously, hot girl, Mexico, cheap booze… she could have told me she dated Mario, and I’d have said, ‘Eh.

(That’s the video game munchkin, not ‘Lemieux’, or ‘Andretti’, or even ‘Van Peebles’, by the way.

Okay, I take it back — I might have blown up over Mario Andretti; that’s just a little weird.)

Anyway, it’s still nothing, compared to what her ‘big secret’ could have been. I only saw a couple of the commercials, but I was convinced she would say she used to be a man. I spent several of those fifteen-second clips looking for an Adam’s apple on the girl.

Hey, maybe that’s it — maybe her man thought she said she used to be Fabio. Damn. Now, I can see where that would throw a wrench in the old romanticizing. *shudder*

I don’t understand it either! My boy & I were watching it, and he said that if he found out I had dated Fabio it would be sorta a GOOD thing. Cause, hey, she dated Fabio – a supposed ‘heartthrob beefcake” – and now she is with ME instead of him. It’s a compliment, right?

I think, too, that he was just looking for a way out. Either that or he hates Fabio so much he couldn’t respect her anymore. Either way = dumb.

I’ll admit it – I watched too. First, it should be clear by now that she picked the wrong guy. I thought her big secret was going to be that she had a kid or something. Fabio? Whats so big about that? Regardless this Gil guy really had no reason to freak the way he did. What a silly show 😉

lol wow we only have 3 episodes left of the 1st show in Australia…… i cheated and looked up the website so i know who she picks…. 2nd series sounds interesting…. and i can’t wait to see Adam’s show (prob end of year b4 we see it) keeep up with the updates for us aussies!!!!

I only watched the one where she put the fat suit on, the end of the last show and then this weeks show, so I really can’t judge her character or Gil’s. But I am always rooting for the underdog anyway. And I think that Brian would have treated her like gold. I really wanted to give her the benifit of the doubt on her choice, but it is hard to do so. Maybe she cared about him enough to let him go so as not to hurt him later on since she was only in it for the money anyway. I really would have liked to see his (Brian’s) reaction to her big reveal. I dunno, I don’t think that was any real big scarey secret, but then again I don’t think Fabio is all that attractive.

So, I went to junior high & high school with Larissa. I can attest to the fact that in school she was not a man. If there were sex changes during elementary school, I don’t know of them (and really – in jr high – we all would have heard about it…)

That just cracked me. First, Gil is just plain stupid. “I wanna be an actor” stupid. Brian is stupid for trusting Larissa. And apparently Larissa has a long history of picking stupid beefcake men. Bwahahah.

lol – I didn’t know her that well. That’s why I haven’t brought it up. She was just another one of the masses to me – I mean, maybe we had a few classes together – and we definitely had friends in common. She was nice, she wasn’t the pretty b!$%h or anything like that. She was in NHS, I think & a hockey cheerleader (um, don’t ask)…I don’t remember anything really exciting…sorry.

I’m not watching the show, but I saw the previews, and I thought she would say she used to be a man too. She dated Fabio? That was the big, huge, hairy deal?

Give me a frickin’ break.

She’s better off having the guy leave her now, if he leaves over something that moronic. If they’d stayed together, the first week he would’ve been like…

“You put margarine on my toast!? Margarine!?! That’s it. I’m out of here!”

I honestly think that Gil was just there for acting gigs. I don’t think he was all the interested in her. I think that is what he was holding back. I think that he used Fabio as an excuse to get away.

that was the most stupid “secret” i’ve ever heard in my life. and that stupid boy was even more stupid than the secret. you would have thought she just told him she has a husband and three kids in alabama. retarded…

NBC blew it again! and Larissa is an idiot herself. Brian is the perfect average joe and she went for the looks not the personality. What I don’t like is that Larissa didn’t questions his previous relationship anymore since it was first braught up. GOSH DOGGET! I HATE YOU NBC! You had me and my fiance wasting our time for a CHEESY/CRAPPY Ending!

I wonder what would happen if I confessed that I used to have a crush on Fabio… maybe my readers would all leave me!

(No, I don’t know why I found Fabio hot. I’ve since dropped him in favor for less beefcakey lust objects.)

I just saw this and thought of you.

“Don’t be fooled by last night’s finale of Average Joe: Hawaii, folks. Despite what NBC led us to believe, pretty vapid boy Gil did not dump pretty vapid girl Larissa after learning that she once dated pretty vapid model Fabio. Appearing on the Today show this morning, the pretty vapid couple confirmed that they are still very much an item.”

So I guess he didn’t leave her after all. 🙂

ok, first off I was seriously pissed about the ending, because when Brian was being so great you could TELL Larissa was thinking “wow, why couldn’t you be prettier?”. Second, as for the Fabio thing- I told my fiancee, if she ever told me that the only problem in our relationship would be that I’d keep looking at her and giggling for about a month.

Actually, instead of hating the beauty queen and hating the hunk, I’ve walked away from this cheering the Average Joe. More power to Brian for not totally lambasting that shallow wench. How mature and kind of him for walking away as he did. He definitely showed MUCH more character than Larissa, Gil and FABIO combined.

If I have ANY feelings for Larissa, it’s this … poor, poor little thing. So little self-esteem that she would even THINK that her tumble with FABIO would even mean anything to the rest of us.

You rock, Brian … you are AWWWWESOME … and Larissa, my prayers are with you that you find some self-esteem before it’s too late … and you end up with some other “void of emotion shell of a man.”

Larissa is like dumb as a mule. She is so vain and caught up in looking hot. oh and just coz brain wasn’t hot to her and didn’t make her feel like a woman she didn’t choose him. he was perfect. serves her right for picking a jerk like gil. if she picked brian he would of understood. larissa gotta buy some brains with her sacks of cash! and fabio is hell ugly. i thought he was some hot guy people should be jealous of if i had a pick at fabio, gil and brian. i’d choose brian- i mean who gets pissed at some sleasy with tarzan hair! he must have a low self esteem jeez!

Maybe Gil thought she was special beforehand? The whole fabio thing was like admitting she was a fake,vain woman. She got rid of the pretty but dumb guy before picking Brian and Gil. What’s wrong with Gil doing the same to her?

Thanks so much, just seen the final episode in UK, we hadn`t a clue what the problem with Fabio was. Now we know the problem is Gil and Larissa both being superficial morons

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