Another Amazing Race Sites!

Official Page of Rob and Brennan from The Amazing Race. Yep, the lawyers have a site. Meryl will be so thrilled. Can I just note that it is a bit odd that Rob has photos that are almost like pin-ups there? This just scares me – and we thought the Guidos’ matching outfits were bad! Oh! It’s because he has modeled! Ok, well, that’s a little less scary. But someone needs to teach them how to make thumbnails that aren’t all squishy weird. The “Racer” photos are really cool! It’s neat to see them all back together again.

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I wonder if Frank & Margarita or The Guidos have a site? (Link thanks to Promo, who has other links listed too!)

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Well, it was odd when I first was looking at it, before I figured out that he had been a model. Then it made sense. Yeah, Rob got me when he cried at the finish line. And those glasses he has on on the opening page of their site? Sweet! Damn, what did I do with my Kleenex… ?

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