Back to School…

Jason started 6th grade this morning. I’m still not quite sure what to think of this. I remember being in 6th grade. Sure, it was 1980 – but I still remember details from it. I can’t believe he’s old enough to be in 6th grade now…

On the way to school this morning, he said “I wonder if Bill made it in to 5th grade now.” I asked him what he meant. He said, “Well, Bill was held back in 4th grade whilst the rest of us moved on to 5th grade last year.” Whilst? Whilst? I actually had to ask him if he really said “whilst”. He’s reading “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” again right now, and it must be in the book. Whilst is not a word that comes up in your usual every day conversation.

He’s growing up so fast…

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Now that he’s in 6th grade, I think it’s time for some harder books. Give that boy a copy of the Lord of the Rings! 😉 (I remember first reading those books whilst in the 6th grade … man, what nostalgia. I need to read those again…. it’s been over a year since the last time! 🙂

Oh, he reads harder books all the time – I just found out on Thursday that the English teacher he will have this year assigned that at the end of the year to half of the 5th graders for summer reading. He read it during the summer before 4th grade (he read the whole series then), so it’s a fast re-read for him. Hopefully, she won’t ask about it for a day or two and he’ll be done with it then!

I know! Isn’t it incredible how early we send them back around here? Summer vacation is *so* short! Plus it’s incredibly hot in this Texas heat, so the poor kids melt if they have to take the bus.

(I’m apologizing in advance if I’m sounding like a grammar queen, but I really don’t mean to be!)

Did you mean “whilst?” Because there’s no such word as “whilest.”

Whilst would be a C.S. Lewis word, so that makes more sense.

Congrats on the 6th grade, Jason!

My nephew, who is the youngest, starts the six grade this week as well. My niece, who is the oldest, is a Senior is High School this year. They are all big kids now.

Tonight is meet the teacher night at my nephews new school. Thank goodness 6th grade is still a part of elementary school in his new school district. I feel for the ones who have to go to middle school so young.

I tried to get him to read CS Lewis (I thought he would get into after Harry Potter) but he didn’t bite.

Here is to a successful new school year, may you not forget to turn in your soup labels and labels for education!

SzaffireBlue – omg, i remember collecting soup labels for myself when i was going to school! i’m nearing 30 but i remember doing that in middle school… maybe elementary school. gah, i’m old.

hard to believe that jr. is starting sixth grade, too….yeesh. what happened to them?

but, we…are getting younger, right???


hehe….see you tomorrow night! 🙂

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