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I’m not having fun in school this semester. Last semester, I rocked. I had a 4.0! This semester? Not so good. I feel like I have no memory. Today, for example, we worked on equations in Chemistry. I did 4-5 problems using the same equation. Within 15 minutes of leaving class, I couldn’t tell you what the equation was that we learned.

Gah! This is driving me nuts!

What is going on? And more importantly, how on earth am I going to make it through this semester like this? I can’t do it, and all of my grades are going to be terrible if it continues. I study, study, study and within an hour I feel like it is all gone. I’m not doing anything different, so I just can’t figure it out. If anything, I am eating better and getting more sleep – I should be doing better, not worse! I really have to find a solution for this. Have any advice?

As I just lamented to GC, do you think I could get my Bio teacher to count knitting as work for the class? Like if I identify which phylum, class, order, family, genus and species the fiber came from? I mean, that should earn me a good grade, right?

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You mentioned you have been changing meds for your blood pressure. My mother in law has complained of various “mental moments” when changing/increasing her b.p. meds. Any chance they could be causing your short term memory woes?

Thanks for updating us on your hand. I will probably have to have the same surgery in the next 6 months, and was curious about recovery time, etc.

That is a good point – I’ll have to talk with my doctor about it at my appointment next week. You know, if I can remember it. (Ugh.) The only problem is I doubt they will pull me off the meds – but you know, it did get worse when I started taking them in November. I noticed a dip in my grades back then, but I just blamed it on being tired and stressed and worn out. Now I feel great, but I feel like I just stare at every quiz and test with a blank look on my face.

I would bet it’s the blood pressure meds. Tell your doc about it – he can try a different one. When my mom first went on bp med, she had lots of concentration problems, but they changed hers a couple times until they found one that didn’t affect her like that.

The only thing that helps me remember how to work the problems is repetitiveness but you’re already doing that.

I’m with the other two commenters, I think you should talk to your doc about the meds. He might not pull you off of them but he might have another type that might not have the same side effect.

You probably know the material better than you think! I have the same problems in certain subjects but it usually turns out okay. (Meds are a possible factor, too. I’ve had that happen.) Also, the professor makes a huge difference. If you can’t feel excited about the subject, and it’s not your “thing”, it’s going to be harder to connect, you know. Hopefully, as spring gets here, you’ll be able to concentrate and enjoy class more. I’m hoping the same thing for me. School is hard this semester.

That is what is driving me nuts – I *love* all of my professors, and I feel very connected when I’m in class. I seem to “get it” while I am there, but it just falls out of my head within an hour of walking out the door. I want to learn it. I am working to learn it. Yet none of it seems to stay with me.

I really hope that a switch in the meds will help.

Altace does work by stimulating the aldosterone in the adrenal cortex. Your brain in other words. It also isn’t supposed to be used if you have kidney problems… Definitely something to check out. Did they ever put you on diuretics first? Get it checked out, okay?

Oh yes, this diuretic … that diuretic … another diuretic … then the class of drugs that made me gain weight (I can’t remember which ones they are right now), and then Toprol with a diuretic, and then Micardis, and then a different drug, and then the one that gave me hives, and now Altase. I feel like I’ve tested every drug on the market within the past 6 months. Blech.

I already had an appointment for a week from Monday; I called the other day but can’t get in any earlier, so we will discuss it on that day. I’ve already asked about the kidney problem issue, but she said that isn’t related to kidney stones but rather to kidney failure type of problems.

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