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Blue Sky Needed…

Island BoyIt has done nothing but rain for the past 12 hours at least, plus all the rain we got yesterday, and as Staci noted in my comments on my previous post, the bayou is overflowing. We are supersaturated now, and I don’t think we can handle much more rain.

You know it is bad when your Dad calls at 6:45 in the morning and tells you that he is driving down the middle of the road because of the flood. Most of the college campuses closed today, he informed me. That finalized my decision to not go to class, as driving almost 40 miles round-trip in floodwaters was just not what I was up to doing today. Plus, it just isn’t safe. You never know what you will run into in weather like this, and you should never mess with flood water.

I’ll work on my latest psych paper instead.

In preparation for our upcoming show at the Yale Street Market, I’ve been going through old photos to pull out ones that I will print. I came across this forgotten gem from November, 2003 – the first time I met Mike’s parents. While they were down here in Houston, we took them to Galveston. It was a beautiful, clear day and the photos we took were fantastic. I think this one will make the cut for the print pile. What do you think?

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