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I know that a lot of people out there have used Cafe Press for a variety of things – I’ve even had a “store,” Big Pink Cookie Goods, set up for some time. I just discovered all of the postcard and calendar options, and I’m curious – has anyone ordered from them before? How do things like mousepads or greeting cards come out? Are they any good? Have you ever bought anything from Cafe Press? Were you satisfied with what you got – or not?

I’ve always thought it would be cool to have greeting cards or postcards done with my own photos – but I would love feedback on the quality. If there were Pixelog prints available, would you buy them? Or would you prefer to just buy regular photographic prints?

All of these random thoughts started up because Derek has created an amazing Calendar and I’m feeling inspired…

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i’ve used them. i’ve ordered mousepads and coasters. they both came out fine. my logo came out nicely on the mousepad, the big purple background didn’t come out as dark and rich as i would have liked, but all in all, i was happy with the things i got.

i just ordered postcards and greeting cards, should get them in a week. be happy to let you know how those come out if you don’t get feedback from others.

A friend of mine ordered one thing from my cafepress store once. Of course it was something from which my profit margin was a big fat ZERO! Hmmph! 😛 I guess he was satisfied with it. For some reason I never asked.


It seems as long as you prepare your artwork properly things should come out good.

I had a friend who setup t-shirts on Cafe, but the colors ended up being orange instead of red.

Other than that, I haven’t heard any complaints.

a friend ordered some of my stuff (clothing) when i had a store way back – i also got an opportunity to see them in person…

the t-shirt was decent but not sensational – you would have the exact same quality by using those transfer papers with your inkjet – i’ve done both and it is EXACTLY the same. not very high quality. the baseball cap is the same.

i would assume that the greeting cards and other paper products (like a caledar) would have a bit better quality and wouldn’t be the big pain in the bum that printing them yourself would be, but if i were you i wouldn’t expect too, too much from them…i suspect it’s more about the profit than the quality.

We just did a 2004 calendar for my BKO Lounge forum, and it came out great! I couldn’t be more pleased. The apparel items don’t come out as well as things like coffee mugs and coasters, but generally speaking the quality is good.

My 2003 calendars (the single-page variety) were a hit with the folks I gave them to, so I decided to do it again. My 2004 calendars were just delivered. I am pleased with the quality. Be sure to order enough to get a bulk discount and see if you can find a delivery deal. Otherwise, the shipping and handling charges really add up.

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