Sprint Sucks!

Mike & I were discussing today how much we hate Sprint (mainly because there is no signal at my house), and that we would like to switch to Cingular. Looking at phones, our main choices were the Ericsson T616 or the Nokia 3600. The Nokia takes slightly better photos and allows you to expand the memory with a memory card, but it is big, bulky, and has the funky round dial. Oh, and it costs $150 more. The Ericsson has a “joystick” nub thing that I found hard to use at first, and the number keys are a little smaller, but it’s $150 less then the Nokia. Feedback on either phone? Anyone have moblog photos from the Ericsson that I can check out?

(Yeah, I’m all about the feedback tonight. It could be worse – I could be complaining again about swollen glands and my sore throat again…)

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**To All Sprint Call Center Employees**


Fact: Employees holding the title of Customer Care Representatives are tired and fed up with the ABUSES they are suffering at the hands of their team leaders, managers and the human resources department. Many call center representatives already have proof of abuses which take on many forms.

Fact: Because of the above, the CWA is stepping up plans to organize Sprint PCS call center workers into the CWA family. Being a customer care representative at any Sprint PCS call center is a thankless job that brings you no respect. They are overworked and underpaid. These employees have to meet certain standards of performance on a daily basis. The company changes these standards all the time making it more and more imposible for the representatives to meet its “STATS”. To add more insult to injury, the Sprint PCS system which is used to measure the reps performance is seriously plagued and flawed. Many employees have been unjustifiably terminated by this system and those empowered to fix it have done nothing to correct. This on-going system issues has been going on for many years.

Fact: The voice of the Sprint PCS call center representatives needs to be clearly heard. Organizing call center specialists will improve pay, benefits and working conditions. Unfortunately, there are those in upper management within the organization that are degrading the work of customer service representatives by following the low road to customer service. The low road emphasizes control through quotas, tight scripting, limited call handling times, unrealistic sales objectives, low wages, and an outsourced workforce. The low road pits workers against workers in a global race to the bottom.

Fact: No other employer has attempted to solve its problems by attacking its employees the way the managers, team leads and the human resources department has. I mentioned above that the system used to measure the call centers reps performance is seriously flawed and full for errors. Because of this,team leads and their managers with the help of the human resources department uses this flawed system to harass in an attempt to make them quit or to find a way to fire them. These team leads, managers and the human resources departments at the Sprint PCS call centers continuously LIE to employees telling them there is nothing wrong with the system used to measure the reps performance thus using the excuse to cheat these hard working reps out of pay, commissions, promotions, vacations and sick time and anything else that fits their needs, whatever these needs may be.

Fact: Sprint PCS management continues to ATTACK worker benefits, CHEAT them out of maximize payouts, time pool, vacation and IGNORES reps interests and concers because it believes it can. HUman resources and the management team continue to LIE, TRICK and DECEIVE reps into believing that the 2004 maximize payouts are accurate and fair. NOT TRUE!!!

FACT: Call center representatives are micro managed, WRITTEN UP, PUT ON CORRECTIVE ACTION AND WALKED OUT because the system used to measure the reps performance again is flawed and full of errors. Team leads and managers who are suppose to adhere to company policy are themselves violating the companies policy of adhearence. They are observed disappearing from thir pods without notice to the reps. They make excuses why they cannot take excalated calls, (call avoidence)take long untimed lunches, and make personal calls while on company time from their computer stations all at the expense of the Sprint PCS company. In other words, they NEVER GET WRITTEN UP. Its so obvious that NO ONE from Sprint PCS corporate headquarters is watching them or monitoring what they are doing. These leeches are overpaid and underproductive which means they are clearly a liability to the Sprint PCS stock holders.

Fact: Since hourly employees reps at the Sprint PCS call centers are not organized, management similarly reasons that it can impose unilateral changes without reasonable prior notice on workers simply by changing the “Standards of Performance, Maximize Payouts and Benefits Plan.” It is no coincidence that the most difficult encounters with Sprint PCS team leads, managers and the human resources department have been over benefit changes, forced overtime, and unchievable standards of performance (STATS) that they unilaterally imposed on non-represented workers. Only through aggressive unity of all Sprint PCS call center representatives with the help of the Communications Workers Union of America (CWU) WILL STOP the egregious acts of the team leads, managers and the human resources department of the Sprint PCS call centers.

Fact: While boasting in employee newsletters that Sprint PCS provides “good benefits”, Sprint PCS in fact as CUT major benefits for hourly employees and compares itself to mostly non-union companies like WalMart. Most American Workers of course would question wheather Sprint PCS is providing “good Benefits” simply by providing benefits that compare well with WalMart. COmpared to Sprint’s major competitors Verizon, Cingular, AT&T and SBC, it is “CLEAR” that Sprint PCS has a very very long way to go in improving call center conditions, benefits and employee relations.

***Join Verizon and Cingular In Getting A Real Voice IN Your Workplace***

close encounters of the sprint kind
so its been about two months since my last anti sprint rant and lo and behold here i am again ready to pay my bill with MORE PROBLEMS COMING FROM THE LOVELY FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT OF SPRINT PCS

All you people working at these call center who are complaining need to SHUT UP! Nobody owes you a thing. You don’t like who you work for, go out, take the risk, form your own compayn, and do what the hell you want to!! LOSERS!

so we’ve all been screwed by Sprint, but do we have no (legal) rights at all? Is that it? Because they say we pay, Do we all really have to jump through that money hoop?
Looking For Options

I agree that sprint sucks, especially there long distance service. no one know whats going on and you just keep getting transfered back and forth from one dept. to another. each till waitng on the line. Its really ridiculous, time consuming and frustrating. My situation has not yet been resolved fir two months. I ‘ve put in 2 disputes. first was denied due to some other number attached to my home number, which I didnt even know about. Why that is even related to my disput issue of a international call I was charged >$400 for. The were to rerate it but cant seem to get it right. One hand doesnt know what the other is doing there. My long distance as a result was canceled twice. Both mistakes on there part. Anyway my point is they really so suck. One person should be able to help resolve whole issue as a whole. Instead I need to call financial dept., customer service, another dept etc, etc why cant one person resolve the whole issue?

well I would like to know who do I wright to FCC? Im not sure. I want to fill a complaint. also does anyone have good contact # for sprint long distance? There manager is supposed to call me back today, yeah we’ll see, b/c I refuse to talk to a cust serv rep who cant help resolve anything.

Jacksonville, Florida * Jan.13.2006,

Do you have Nextel before they became part of sprint, or did you happen to only have sprint as your cellular
Phone provider? If you answered yes then your already aware that Sprint together with Nextel has pretty
Horrible coverage areas, has inconsistant billing, has rude and obnoixus customer service associates
And even lie to you whenever possible.
Sprint/Nextel Corporation headquartered in Virgina has thousands of complaints filed against them
with the Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communications commission, Attorney General’s office
and also the Better Business Bureau. According to the BBB, Sprint together with Nextel has had
4778 complaints Filed against them in the past 36 months.
If you have a complaint about Sprint or nextel please feel free to logon to this website;

Having a problem with Sprint or Nextel corporation? You might not be alone. Thousands of people have been taking action against this horrible company via the Internet. Well we have some relief for everyone.
A new website has been created (approved by the executive offices of Sprint) against the way Sprint/Nextel currently operates.

Sprint totally sucks. I was told my contract was up – switched to Alltel – got billed $300 from Sprint because my phone contract was up but not my service. Spread the word – SPRINT SUCKS

I had a very bad experience with Sprint too. For over a year I have been receiving SPAM text messages. My phone has LED that starts flashing when those arrive, and it eats the battery fast. I have called them over and over to stop the text messaging service. Each time they claim that they have done, and then it repeats. They also refuse to send any written confirmation of the action, so I can’t have any proof. In addition they started recently to charge for each message I receive. It appears that they are providing other entities with our Sprint phone number so they can send us SPAM and Sprint to charge us. Sweat!
Well today I terminated my service. I will not recommend Sprint to anyone well except my worse enemies, well I guess that will be Sprint 😉 .
Boian Mitov

SPRINT SUCKS ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS i have constant dropped calls, and sometimes even if they show bars, I HAVE VIRTUALLY NO RECEPTION in my house!!!!!!

Sprint is the worst company that I have ever delt with in my entire life!!! I have had 4 different providers, and have had wonderful luck!! I even worked for a cell phone company, I know how it works! I have spent sooo much time to get things straightened out with them only for them to screw it up time and time! The latest thing is harassing phone calls, like if you don’t add a line your services will be discontinued, or you’ve gone over your minuets (I mind you it’s a new bill cycle) and now there’s a $370 bill to pay, and no one can tell me who or why I’m getting these calls! The best part is that my father in law uses the phone and drives truck so he gets the calls, and he’s been on the account since day one, but no one will give him any info!! Yet he could add a line without me there! Go figure!!!I called and they won’t waive the early term fee, and run me in circles and then transfer me and disconnect the call!! I’m about ready to charge them for MY TIME WAISTED!!! They are the worst company choice for cellular service EVER!!! No one speaks English either, and last time I checked this is still the USA, right??

I current work for sprint and trust and believe me when I say “I HATE SPRINT”!!! This company is liking working for the DEVIL!!! They are forcing their employees to rush customers off the phone in unfashionable manner. They are fudging stats and causing people to go out on medical leave. Sprint has a very HOSTILE environment. They are mentally and physically abusing their employees and forcing us to be rude to the customers. I can’t wait until someone contacts me for another job or before they fire me. I swear I really feel sorry for the customers. I work for the OKLAHOMA CALL CENTER AND I FUCKING HATE IT. This call center is full of new hires and 91% of all the older people lost their jobs and were setup to fail by all means. We need a lawyer quick fast and a hurry!!! These people are scared to lose their jobs because of management. FUCK THE OKLAHOMA CALL CENTER!!!

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