Sprint Sucks!

Mike & I were discussing today how much we hate Sprint (mainly because there is no signal at my house), and that we would like to switch to Cingular. Looking at phones, our main choices were the Ericsson T616 or the Nokia 3600. The Nokia takes slightly better photos and allows you to expand the memory with a memory card, but it is big, bulky, and has the funky round dial. Oh, and it costs $150 more. The Ericsson has a “joystick” nub thing that I found hard to use at first, and the number keys are a little smaller, but it’s $150 less then the Nokia. Feedback on either phone? Anyone have moblog photos from the Ericsson that I can check out?

(Yeah, I’m all about the feedback tonight. It could be worse – I could be complaining again about swollen glands and my sore throat again…)

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