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Brussels Sprouts…

Brussels Sprouts

I had been on such a roll here with daily posts, and then one day, I slipped. One day lead to two, which lead to over a week. Yesterday I realized that not posting here daily was actually adding to the grumpy mood that I was in. It seems I do need to keep a rhythm going, to keep the habit up. It gives me something to strive for, even when I feel like no one will notice.

(If you notice me slacking off again, nudge me, okay?)

The reason that I pieced this all together? Brussels Sprouts. More specifically, Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Bacon. Writing that post last night was like opening up a flood gate. I didn’t want to stop writing. Then it hit me how much I missed it.

As I looked at all the comments that flooded in, I learned that the Brussels Sprouts, which no one seems to care about and they are the most hated vegetable on the planet, is actually pretty well liked. Well, by my friends at least.

Things aren’t always what they seem. Don’t give up. Do things that are good for you.

Not a reminder I expected to get from a vegetable, but I’ll take it.

As we start the month of May today, I’m about to hit the 18 month anniversary of starting up 4-Hour Body, going gluten-free, and changing a lot of things. I plan to reflect on that a lot this month. One of the things that has changed? I’ve learned to have a new appreciation for foods I always thought I didn’t like – including Brussels sprouts. Pretty amazing to look back and think about!

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Happy Birthday, Jason! The Setting Sun on Childhood…

Galveston Texas Sunset

As of Sunday, Jason is officially an adult. He turned 21. I still find it a bit hard to believe. Really? 21??? Where has the time gone?

I started blogging when he was 8 years old. Mom bloggers weren’t even a thing yet. I shared bits and pieces of his life here online, but not many. Eventually he was at an age where I decided that his digital life should be in his control, his story, not mine. So I shared even less.

Looking back, sometimes I wish I had shared more, that I had journaled more. But I didn’t, and life shouldn’t be lived looking backwards anyways.

I remember waking up on his 18th birthday, while he was a senior in high school, and cheering because I had made it to 18. Now here we are at 21. This day doesn’t have the same victory lap feeling to it. Maybe because he has spent time out on his own now. Adulthood is ahead of him. So much possibility. It is a strange transition as a parent, that is for sure.

I am really proud of him and the man that he has become. I can’t wait to see where he goes from here!

Photograph taken in Galveston, Texas. One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen there. Taken in October, 2012. Click it to view it larger.

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Trying to See Good – Biopsy Results, Sort of, Part 2…

See Good at the House of Blues in New Orleans I promise, I am really trying to see good right now. But all of this medical stuff? It is starting to wear me pretty thin.

After consulting with Bill Hurst, my doctor called me late this afternoon. You can see the results of my biopsy test here visit for SARMs supps. Well, we pretty much don’t know anything more than we knew we did before I had a needle stuck in my neck about 10 times. Ok, ok, that isn’t true – we know that the samples were not malignant. That is a victory! But we don’t know much more than that.

I have a reactive lymph node. We don’t know exactly what they lymph node is reacting to, but it is clearly swollen and painful and causing numbness & tingling along the left jaw line. Something is causing it to be inflamed and has been for some time now. (Before the pneumonia, so it wasn’t that.)

I also have an excessive sweating caused by multiple problems, and my doctor recommends me to try hyperhidrosis treatment for it.

She pointed out that the list of potential causes is quite long. I had my blood work drawn on Monday, and she does not expect to have those results until next week, so we will regroup then and discuss what is next once she has them.

As for my thyroid, yep, there is a cyst there. The samples they got were fluid though, and not tissue. Frustrating for me, since the pathologist said at the time that the first samples were fluid, so the radiologist went in again for another sample. No idea why that one didn’t have tissue. My doctor is waiting to talk with a radiologist to see if doing a Thyroid Uptake test is the step to take next. The goal of that would be to see if the node reacted “hot” or “cold” to the iodine as it went through the system. Hot, and the chance of it being malignant is small. Cold, and the chance of it being malignant is about 20%. We are waiting on blood work for my thyroid as well.

Not out of the woods yet.

To say I’m frustrated is putting it mildly. I’m just tired of it. This has been going on for over 2 months now as far as exams and testing goes, and to be honest, over 2 years now as far as the pain in my neck caused by that lymph node is concerned, although it has definitely grown worse over the past 6 months. These pain management doctors fort worth texas have been helping me for a while to get rid of that pain and it was so worth visiting them.

The irony in all of this is that since changing my diet in December 2011 and going gluten-free, I can honestly say I feel better than I have in YEARS. Most of my chronic inflammation related issues are gone because before I had no idea that I was allergic to wheat. My blood pressure is down to normal, I’ve lost 30 pounds, I just feel better. But my lymph node is having a battle with something, and my thyroid has a node.

(Inflammation is at the root of a number of health issues, including high blood pressure & reflux, and many skin conditions affect health of many people, that’s why I take care of my skin using amazon vitamin c serum. Two of the many things I’ve been treated for with medication in the past, and which have resolved themselves with dietary changes and some supplements like haloxyl eye serum for my skin and supplements from to help my immune system, learn more here. My blood pressure is normal instead of borderline high. Where I had to take medicine daily for reflux, I now never have to take it.)

Oh, and I may have asthma too – I shouldn’t forget that. Which is also caused by inflammation in the lungs. I have a test next Wednesday to determine my pulmonary function levels.

I’m also 99% sure that I have celiac disease, which is also caused by inflammation. I have all of the symptoms any time I eat wheat. People often comment to me how surprised they are that I’ve stayed gluten free for 17 months now. If you knew how much wheat hurts me, you wouldn’t be surprised at all.

They are infections that are passed from one person to another during vaginal, anal, and oral sex. They’re really common, and lots of people who have them don’t have any symptoms. You can’t tell for sure if you have gonorrhea just by the way you feel. Like all diseases, the only way to know if you have is to get stdaware – — whether or not you have symptoms.

It may be time to move on to an endocrinologist. I need a doctor to look at the whole system. I suggest if you have some dental issue, go see our best orthodontist The Woodlands.

I don’t want to be sick, I´ve been reading the sickness articles at MyBiosource Learning Center and the viruses going by are very serious. I want to BE well. I feel well. I’m doing my part, so I really wish my body would do its part in return. Try out lasik treatment in Singapore and see the difference.

Day 24 of 365. Photograph taken outside of the House of Blues in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana on my iPhone 4S in July, 2012.


A Grey Day – Biopsy Results, Part 1…

Pleasure Pier in Galveston Texas

As Angie & I left Taco Tuesday this morning, she asked me what I was doing later today and if I wanted to join her to head to Galveston. As I left my biopsy last week, at the hospital just across the street from NASA, I considered heading south to Galveston when I reached I-45. The Gulf has been calling me. I needed some sand between my toes. I needed a distraction from waiting for my biopsy results. So I said yes.

The WTF? Bikini Top from Target

An aside: TARGET! WTF is up with this bikini top?!? How is that even comfortable? That is just all kinds of WRONG. You know what those look like attached all over a woman’s chest, right?! Is anyone paying attention, Target? SERIOUSLY???

We stopped (at Target, obviously – I’m still really confused by that bikini top!) to buy sunscreen because I just threw all of mine away. I am convinced that sunscreen eventually loses its effectiveness, and if it doesn’t then it was likely rancid anyways. New sunscreen, water, and a few snacks in hand, we made our way to the island, only to be greeted by a light misting rain as we arrived.

The rain stayed with us, but that didn’t stop us. We walked along the water’s edge, discovering it was far too cold still today. We walked out on the jetties, carefully because they were slick with water and the wind was blowing. We checked out the Pleasure Pier, at least the part that we could see from the closed gate; it wasn’t open in the rain.

Angie, out on the Jetty

The LOVE bench on the Galveston Seawall

More walking along the seawall, and I finally received the call back from my doctor’s nurse about the biopsies I had done last week.

There was no malignancies in the biopsy samples. However, my doctor has questions about the pathologist’s report, and she has called him to discuss it. She will tell me more once she has talked to him, hopefully tomorrow.

“In the biopsy samples” jumped out at me as an odd phrase. Is there something more they are questioning? We will see. She also asked about my bloodwork. It was done yesterday, so it will likely be a week before they have results. They had made me wait until my pneumonia was cleared up, and then I waited another day or two to pick up the orders from the doctor’s office because it is a 30 minute drive to get there. I picked the orders up after my biopsy, but since my lymph node & parotid gland area hurt so much on Friday, I decided to wait until Monday to have it drawn, after confirming with them that it was ok to wait.

So I wait. Still waiting. I feel like I’ve been waiting for months now, since the first MRI was weeks ago.

The gray weather was fitting for my mood. It wasn’t bad, it kept Galveston quiet. No one else was out except the occasional surfer and a handful of small groups on the beach. I needed quiet time.

As we walked along the seawall, we stopped in Murdouch’s to use the bathrooms and to check out the kitschy tourist trinkets. As we left, I commented that I really wanted some ice cream, so we headed to La King’s on the Strand. Angie pointed out that it was to celebrate “No malignancies!” After making a selection of a few chocolate goodies from the candy case, I went with the peanut butter ice cream with chocolate chips. It was delicious and cool on such a muggy day.

Tourist Trinkets from Murdouch's on the Seawall in Galveston, Texas

Tourist Trinkets from Murdouch's on the Seawall in Galveston, Texas

Tourist Trinkets from Murdouch's on the Seawall in Galveston, Texas

We left the island then to head back home. Just a little adventure, but we decided that we really must do it again soon. After all, the road to Galveston isn’t that long, and if we time it right to avoid traffic it is maybe an hour drive. Houston drivers do that all the time in rush hour traffic. Since our commutes are only a few blocks, and we are the bosses of our businesses, there really is no excuse, we really need to get these shipments of Smart Measurement tools for the industrial factories, but at least we got these Polycover sheets from to ensure that the shipments we make are going out safe.

I’ll hear from my doctor once she hears back from the pathologist. I’ll do my best to keep myself busy in the meantime. At the moment, it is all I can do. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll know more.

Day 23 of 365. All photographs and videos taken in Galveston, Texas, with my iPhone 5 and edited in Instagram on April 16, 2013, I’m not going to lie I got Instagram Video Views for the videos I posted.

Handmade chocolate truffles at La King's on the Strand in Galveston, Texas

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Time For Bed, But I Am Wide Awake…

Flying out of Las Vegas

Finally tired. Finally ready to go to sleep. Wait, I still have makeup on. Wash my face. Brush my teeth. Now I’m wide awake again.

Damn it. I hate it when that happens.

Day 22 of 365. Photograph taken with my IPhone 5 as we left Las Vegas, Nevada after WPPI on March 14, 2013.