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What Kind of Idiot Do You Think I Am?

Clueless Idiot
You are a Clueless Idiot. Not only do you not know you’re an idiot, you don’t know much of anything. Your celebrity icon is Alicia Silverstone.
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Smile, And Pass it On!

Make Me Smile! Like Jenn said, it’s too damn quiet in the Blogosphere – so it’s time to have some fun! This is the weekend to smile! This weekend – take 6 pictures of things that made you smile – post them up on your site and then either ping her post, or leave a URL in her comments. (You can leave them here too, but leave them there so everyone can find them!)

Come on baby, make me smile!

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Friday Finds…

I discovered this last night that it’s not wise to listen to the Stephen Lynch CD while driving home from work. He has a song on there about Dungeons & Dragons that had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. Not wise, not wise at all. (You can’t listen to the D&D song on his site, but “Dr. Stephen” and the “Best Friends Song” are available there and they are great too!) I think I’ll stick to the Bee Gees and Barry Manilow for my morning commute.

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared my Fresh Friday Finds with you – so here they are. Sites that may not be new to you, but they are new to me…
:: – Reb’s photographs are simply breathtaking. Looking through them makes me want to snag my camera and go on a photo hunt! (Rebecca’s other blog is here and it’s a great read!)
:: Apparently Nothing – If Reb’s photos don’t make you want to take pictures, these definitely will! I absolutely love this site!
:: – Words and photographs meld together to make a perfect site.

There is one other that I want to mention. It is definitely not new to me, but I find something wonderful every time I visit – so if you’re not reading his site you should be. It is Photojunkie! In just a few weeks I will meet Rannie in person at SXSW, and I can’t WAIT!

Speaking of Rannie, the voting in the Photobloggies closes today. Go vote. Hopefully you’ll find inspiration among all these links. I know I have!

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Now There’s A Shock…

I am me!
You are Christine! You’re Texan star of blogdom,
you sell soap, and you charm us all with your
adorable smile and cute face! You’re all about
the boobies over at Big Pink Cookie.

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By the way – it wasn’t the roses after all. I’m afraid I either caught my one co-worker’s flu, or my other co-worker’s strep throat. About 3-4 other people were feeling just as miserable as I was today. I ache all over and my nose just won’t stop running but I’m completely congested. Oh yes, what fun it is!

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Mission on a Tuesday…

A bit late, but I couldn’t pass up Promo’s last Monday Mission for 2002!

1. Which Blog post of yours was one of your favorites of 2002? Wow. Uhm, huh. It’s been a really, really long year. I’m still thinking on this one.