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Such Stunning Blue Eyes…

Pssst… want to know a secret? We redesigned the Fresh Photography site! It isn’t quite done yet, and won’t be for another week or so as I work up updating the Flash portfolios, but it is getting pretty close! I haven’t made a big hoopla over it yet, but I couldn’t sit on it any longer either! We even set it up to have all of the artistic prints together (under artwork) and we added a blog section too! An easy way to point out all the latest updates as we make them. Now that Elaine is back from her trip to New York (yeah!), she can start posting there too!

Props again are in order for Jennifer of ScriptyGoddess for making it all happen. She stripped it down, rebuilt it all from the ground up, gave us clean and pretty CSS code, a blog to match, and every last bit of functionality we requested. She also built our art print shopping cart system for us in the last revision of the site. I can not possibly say enough great things about her!

I’m cross-posting again from that blog to this one. Seems to be happening a lot lately, but it should slow down in the future. I just couldn’t resist sharing the latest senior photos! I posted one of them already, but as the proof are uploading right now to Pictage, I wanted to share some more. By the way, did you know that if you reserve a session date before now and the end of May, you can get it at a crazy reduced rate? Just book it by the end of the month – the actual session can take place any time this summer! – and you get the session for the portfolio building rate of $75 with a $50 gift certificate for prints! Let me know if you want more details!

I had the hardest time converting any of these photos to black & white – Kenneth has the best deep blue eyes! He was in town visiting for a family event, and he asked his mom (Hi Robin!) to contact me so we could set up a senior session for him. He originally wasn’t going to do pictures for his graduation announcements, but changed his mind she said after looking through some of our other work. What an honor! He was so much fun to work with, and we had a really good time. I loved working with him!

These four shots are probably the more “diverse” of the bunch. There was a nice mix of traditional and not traditional shots, so he has a good selection to choose from. Most of them in color of course, because how could I resist? (I shoot everything in color and convert to black & white post-processing. Gives me more leverage that way!)

The Look

Rock Album Cover

Ready for the World

Those Blue Eyes!

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