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Yes, I know that this is what everyone has been waiting for. (Yeah, well, that’s what I like to tell myself…) I just finished watching the Amazing Race. After seeing the “coming up next week” clip last week, I had a feeling that this wouldn’t be an elimination round. They made it sound like it was going to be hell. Gee, that was putting it lightly. I LOVED the fact that Team Guido didn’t make the 3pm train. They were a bit put out by that to say the least. Hopefully it knocked them down bit, but I doubt it. Anyways, that part where Drew & Kevin couldn’t find their envelope at the Taj Mahal? I was speechless. Oh my goodness. But then when they passed the bus that Team Guido (Team Guido sucks!) was on, I was hooting and yelling. I loved it. Man. But let’s get to that Roadblock. Ok, I thought it was uhhhmmm… odd when I learned as a child that Indians worship cows. Now I am – well, to be honest – grossed out that they worship RATS. EWWWWW… and how about that temple at night? The flashing lights and all, it looked like something at a cheap carnival! Emily & Team Guido had it sooooo much easier going through there during the day – but then again they are now what? Six hours behind? Well, at least Emily and her mom are not alone – Team Guido (TGS! – figured I should just abbreviate it…) is six hours behind too.

My personal favorites? Margarita & her husband. The separated parents. They generally have such a great attitude about it all. I *loved* that they got that huge lead at the beginning of this episode. Too bad they had to wait for the Taj Mahal to open 10 hours later, that sort of sucked, but at least they still had a 48 minute lead over Team Guido (TGS!) so that was a good thing.

By the way, PromoGuy has some interesting stuff over there about hearing Karyn & Lenny (oh, sorry … Leeennnnnyyyyy!) on the radio. The show was taped last spring. And, surprisingly, Lenny & Karyn are no longer dating. I am amazed, who would have ever guessed? YEAH. Right. I would have *itch slapped her right after that whole “it’s all his fault we lost” speech when they were eliminated.

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I’ve had enough of India. What we’ve seen (aside from the beautiful Taj Mahal) it’s so depressing. Although, I admit I enjoy some of their music that a friend who is studying Indian religions introduced to me.

The thing I am most looking forward to next week is the apprearance of “Dark Emily.” Muhh-wah-ha-haaa, after touching Team Guido, the evil senses a new host and Emily crosses over to the dark side!

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