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Crack Dealer…

Since we are now all hooked on Bejeweled, I thought I would share the link where I found it – you can get it and many other goodies for your website here: Google Gadgets For Your Webpage.

It is dangerous though. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ankle update! It is doing better. I don’t have crutches, and for the first two days I couldn’t find shoes that worked well with the aircast, so walking sucked. Matter of fact, walking to and from class on Tuesday left me in a bit of pain by Tuesday night. Today I finally found my Crocs (they were hiding in my closet) and those worked well with the aircast, so walking was a bit more pleasant. It still feels a bit wonky, but he warned me that it would. I’m not sure if I’ll still be in the aircast by Kid & Ewe, but if I am it should be ok. I can get around, and I can always sit & knit!

Speaking of Kid & Ewe, are you going? It may not be Rhinebeck, or MS&W, but heck – it never will be if we don’t support it! So come share the fiber goodness at our very own wool festival out in Boerne, Texas! November 10-12 – be there!

If I’m not there for some reason, it is because Houston has floated off into the Gulf of Mexico. It is raining AGAIN. With flooding AGAIN. Seriously, this needs to stop. To top it off, my cool temps went away. So it is muggy and wet and too warm. Hopefully the cool weather will return soon, and bring some blue sky with it!

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