Credit to Rotten Tomatoes & a Question

I forgot to mention in my post Saturday night that the reviews were from where Moulin Rouge was rated “Fresh” with a score of 70. Didn’t mean to overlook that, told you I was buzzing like a bee! I hope to try to go see it again before I go on vacation. Once I get up to North Dakota it is about an hour drive to a movie theater, and I seriously doubt that Moulin Rouge will be showing. I don’t think it will be showing here by the time I get home since it has already been moved to the “back” theaters at the local AMC 24.

Today’s question… why don’t more people use to buy their tickets. The line when we got to the theater on Saturday was about a mile long. Ok, maybe not a mile, but it weaved all the way through the cattle poles that they make you go through and then it stretched back from there at least 30-40 people, maybe more. We went inside to the ticket kiosks and there were about 4 people/couples in line for each kiosk, scrolling through the menus to select their movies and buy their tickets. I waited in that line (obviously much shorter) and then when it was my turn all I had to do was pop in my credit card, press “Print Tickets” (they are wise enough to give you the option to buy more if you want to) and Viola! Out comes my tickets and my Movie Watcher card coupons. It’s fantastic. I just don’t understand why more people don’t use that system. I really don’t understand why people stand in that ridiculously long line outside in the Houston heat instead of using the kiosks inside – although I am glad they do since it makes the line shorter for me!

Hmmmm… wonder when I can squeeze in seeing Moulin Rouge again this week.

By Christine

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