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Cure for TiVo Envy…

There is a new gadget out on the market that is basically a Radio Tivo. But as I mentioned at Melissa’s site, Mike has something that is even better in my opinion. Not quite as amazingly perfect as my TiVo, but pretty damn close, he got an Avertv Studio Card for his computer for about $80. With it, he can record both TV programs and radio. (Well, when it wants to behave.) Then he used VCDEasy to burn the video that he recorded on the computer on to a CD – not a DVD, a regular ol’ CD – and it plays in my CD/DVD player. Mine reads Video CDs, as do many other DVD players in the U.S., so it is quite an uber cool solution. (More info on Video CD can be found at Doom9.) Or if you prefer you could just watch it on your computer monitor.

So if you have TiVo Envy but don’t want to buy one, it’s a solution worth looking in to!

By Christine

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