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Even the Bartender Wore a Tiara…

In spite of my never ending headache (more about that later), I made it out last night for Tiara Happy Hour and we had a blast! The Flying Saucer was the perfect place – 200+ beers to choose from, and they could still mix a good margarita for me. (I hate beer, unless it’s in beer cheese soup. Hate it.) It was wonderful to have some one on one time with Emily, Sarah and Michelle! And Michelle’s boyfriend Jim was incredibly patient with our behavior and itsy bitsy teenie weenie penii conversations. Yes, we swapped horror stories, and that’s all I’m going to say about it. When it comes to Tiara Happy Hour – some things are left at the bar.

At one point in the evening I went up to the bartender, who was wearing our spare tiara (Jim was wearing the other one) to order a coke. While standing there, a guy asked me, “What’s with the tiaras?” I told him that it was Tiara Happy Hour, the next big thing. He said, “Oh. I thought Flash Mobs were the next big thing?” I clued him in and said, “No, Tiara Happy Hour is the next big thing… but maybe we’ll combine one with a Flash Mob and get everyone to wear tiaras!” Wouldn’t that be riot? Can you see it? Oh, the confusion we would cause!

I only drank one margarita because I figured that I should not taunt my headache. I drank one coke, and a lot of water. Hydration is a good thing, right? Well I woke up this morning feeling like complete ass. Blech. If I sat upright I felt sick to my stomach, and any time I stood up I broke out in a sweat. Jason’s been sick since Thursday with a headache and a fever. Mike has been feeling pretty much the same too – so I think it’s safe to assume we all have the same bug, along with a lot of kids at Jason’s school. Fortunately Mike was feeling a little better today, so he was my angel of mercy and brought me fake mashed potatoes and a biscuit from KFC. I don’t know what it is, but when my tummy is upset, fake mashed potatoes make it feel so much better. That and a lot of Excedrin plus 200mg of B6, and I’m at least able to form coherent sentences finally and sit upright without wanting to die. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better and I can get some photos online from the Tiara Happy Hour!

I strongly encourage everyone to try a Tiara Happy Hour. It’s ok if you’re the only blogger in your city – get your friends together, put on tiaras, and live large!

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