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Nigerian Comment Spam…

We’ve all received one form or another of the Nigerian spam e-mail – that’s old news. Comment spam is becoming more and more frequent too – I probably delete one a week. But it amuses me to no end to receive the Nigerian e-mail message as comment spam!

On a separate note, I woke up this morning and came out here to delete the last post, or at least switch it in to draft mode. Natalie’s right, there is a part of me that hates that post. What I said is how I feel, but revealing how I feel isn’t easy. I may just have to tweak the restricted post code and use it on that one. I at least want to know who is reading it. Know what I mean?

Update: I thought about it some more. I don’t think I’ll restrict my last post, although I might restrict future posts on the topic. I grant access to pretty much everyone who asks though, as long as they tell me who they are – or they are not one of the 3-4 people I don’t want to have reading it. I realized though that if my employer was to have issues with me admitting that I might be suffering from depression or something else, then I have a bigger problem on my hands. They should be thankful that I am aware of the issues and I am doing something about it. Being proactive and working towards improving my work performance and all that…

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I know what you mean. If you’re going to the tiara happy hour tonight, I can talk to you a little bit then, but I do know what you mean.

I personally think you were brave for writing it. Putting it out there, even for just a day, was an important first step. It was obviously something you needed to do. What you need to do with it now, obviously, is up to you and you alone, and no matter what you choose, you have my support.



I find it to be the hardest thing, writting out how I feel. Most days those posts stay as drafts, never to be seen. Just feels easier that way. Putting the words out there takes courage and find you brave for doing so Christine.
and i know what you mean. 🙂

i keep wondering how much these people get paid to leave comment spam.

I sent you an e-mail about this. I know what you mean about wanting to know who is reading it. I haven’t been brave enough to talk about my depression on my site. I really admire you for that. You did a brave thing.

It’s your voice, use it. Don’t censor it for anyone but yourself. Otherwise, it’s not really yours, it’s everyone elses.

I relate to the post though, I know how it feels to want to scream but can’t, or don’t know what to scream first. Hang in there. And remember, you are among friends.


boy do i ever know what you mean on an employer reading and having issues. that’s a hard battle, but you’re doing what’s right i think.

on another note, i think if you really feel depressed- there is probably a medication that doesn’t make you feel like a zombie- i think sometimes it takes a few tries.

in the beginning when i was just starting to realize just how sad and screwed up i was feeling, my doctor gave me a couple of different medications that did nothing for me, in fact i kind of felt they made me feel worse. it took a few tries to find the right one, and i’m still medicated to this day. i’d never trade the way i feel now for the way i was feeling then. it wasn’t crazy, it was just my highs and lows were more exaggerated than everyone elses it seemed, and while i could handle the highs, the lows were unbearable.

stick to it. and if you feel comfortable enough writing when you’re down, do it, even if it’s private and no one else will ever lay eyes on it. it always helped me to have a safe place to vent.

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