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Final Exams, Round 1…


My first final exam is today at 2:00pm CST. It is in Biology II, including a zillion phylums, orders, genus, species classifications. I’m nervous, but not too bad. I think I should do ok – not fabulous, as I keep forgetting some of the classification information – but I remember a lot of the other details. All of the random trivia, like the 4 types of pine cones and things like that.

Please feel free to send me all the prayers, positive vibes, good mojo, whatever you prefer to call it that you can from 2:00 – 3:50 CST. I’ll need it!

In case you need the prayer, positive vibes, good mojo schedule, my other two tests are tomorrow at 11:00am (Chemistry) and Thursday at 12:30pm (Photography). Then it will be summer break for three glorious months! Whee!

By Christine

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Good luck, etc., on your finals! I have a final today and another on Thursday, so I am with you in spirit =D Lucky you, you get summer break! I’m taking classes over the summer session.

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