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I have too many fonts stored on my computer. Well, not too many for Windows to happily run, but … still too many. It is annoying and slow to browse through them when I am looking for the right font, so I quickly snagged the onfocus: font browser. Yes, with one handy click, I can browse the fonts installed on my computer in a browser window. Very handy!

By Christine

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3 replies on “Font Browsing…”

Oh,super cool! That’s a great easy use thing – I definately will use it. If you do need something a little more robust, you might check out Font Lister. The best thing about it is that if you have a lot of fonts in various folders, you can browse a folder with FL, and it installs them temporarily. Super handy if you are working on a project with multiple fonts and want to load them before getting into your graphics program 🙂 Plus, it views them, too 🙂
Tee hee, I probably should have posted this long post on my own blog, but LOL, you got the story in your comments instead 🙂

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