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I was really amused as I read the Google Corporate Information page. I mean, just check out the “Lobby Dcor” section – “…and live projection of current search queries from around the world.” So the next time YOU do a search on Google, someone at headquarters could be watching it on a wall! The whole thing just screams “ Days Gone By” to me though – exercise balls, lava lamps … it’s amazing to me that Google didn’t jinx itself right out of existence! [via Matt]

By Christine

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I guess the difference is that their stuff actually works, unlike 99% of the dotcoms out there. The ones that died deserved to die, and the ones that are still around deserve to die even more.

Google’s non-search pages are really fun to just poke around. They strike an interesting balance between trying to be professional and trying to be very laid back and “new” economy. But I don’t get the Google-love everywhere. I mean they’re nice, but can they sell me gourmet dog food from around the world? That’s the new economy :).

I wonder if they filter the search queries that get put on their wall?

Most people want to work for Google because of all they offer. But, you have to realize they offer it for a reason. Ya, free dinners are nice, but you know that means working late. Rec rooms etc.. To let off some of the steam at 2am. Everything has a price.

Still, Google’s the best all-around search engine. Whether or not somebody is watching my search queries in Google’s lobby [could be amusing ;)], doesn’t make any difference. The fact that Google returns the most relevant search returns to my queries does.

You need to experience MAEROR TRI’s recording “Myein”, in triangular packaging. Yes,you do,ok??? That’s only the start of the journey.

Yes, ‘Google’ is the market leader in search engine technology. Nuff said!!

NOW, not later!, it’s ‘time’ for the brilliant sounds of CM Von Hausswolff, a ‘performance artist’ residing in Linkoping, Sweden, to become known to your collective consciousness.FEEL!, not just HEAR! the sounds that emanate from within. He was a prominent member of the great PHAUSS collective I believe still exists, though their last recorded work was several years past.

So, there ‘you’ have part of the equation. Experience the rest of it!

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