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It really sucks trying to find all of the FireFox extensions I used to have installed to get them up and running. *sigh*

I think I got most of them. What are your “must-have” FireFox extensions? Feel free to share!

By Christine

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12 replies on “Grrr…”

Let’s see – well, I must have AdBlock. And undoclosetab. And Tabbrowser Preferences (now that they finally have it working for Mac). Finally, I can’t work without the Web Developer Toolbar. EditCSS is a nice little plugin, but I don’t use it too often (if there were something similar for IE/Win, I’d use that all the time).

And what are yours? 🙂

i’m an extension junkie – i admit it. i can’t live without bug-me-not, tabbed browser preferences, foxy tunes and my stumble upon extension – and my new delicious extensions as well.

I have to have the sync bookmarks. Then my desktop and laptop have the same bookmarks. 🙂 Oh and I love the Super Drag and Go, session saver and download them all! 🙂

Disable targets for download
image zoom
tabbrowser preferences
paste and go

And I have a ton more installed, too, but those are my faves.

Cool! I just bought a new laptop (my first EVER! I feel all giddy LOL) and the first thing I did was install Firefox and Tabbed Browser Preferences. I love FoxyTunes, the Undo Close Tab, and the BugMeNot (which I haven’t added back yet and need to). Some of the ones mentioned I’ve never used before but now will be checking them out. Happy new computer!

fireFTP, a must have. QuickTabPrefToggle, GMail Notifier, Popup ALT Attribute.

i love the “search engine bar” also of course, but technically that’s more of a built-in than an extension isn’t it? 😉

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