Gym Police…

So, I was watching this episode of Seinfeld tonight …

Just kidding! (Ok, I watched it, but that’s not the point here.)

I went to the gym earlier, and people just never cease to amaze me. I’ve never seen anyone do about 10 sets of 15 leg curls in each set. Something about the perky woman annoyed me to no end. Maybe it was the perfect makeup and hair, or the little gray sweatpants with the tiny tank top and the cell phone on her hip. Do you really need a cell phone while you are pumping iron? I am just not up to talking while doing curls.

It would probably get me in to a lot of trouble if I just started walking up to people and told them that their form was all wrong, wouldn’t it? But so often I want to do it. “You realize you’re going to hurt your shoulder doing that, right?” Something like that. It’s just so tempting, every time…

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Yeah, but it’s not like I’m the buff gym trainer, and I probably wouldn’t be nice about it at all. I would say things like “Yo! Bimbo! Sit up right! Don’t arch your back!”

It’s normally the bimbos I want to attack. No, no, I’m not jealous at all or anything like that…

The bad things about gym is even if you are all buffed out or have had the proper training, people take offense if you tell them they are doing something wrong.

At my gym the trainers that aren’t busy with clients will wander around and help people out to make sure they are performing correctly.

I personally would rather have someone tell me I’m doing something incorrectly, then to actually injure myself.

it’s all her loss… there is no evidence that multiple sets like that are going to help her out… one complete good-form just-the-right-weight set is all you need. frankly she’s just wasting time – and who wants to WASTE time at the gym?

1. was she doing like 15 lbs?
2. why not do one or 2 sets with a higher weight or even “till exhaustion” cause obviously…if she’s doing 10 sets…is it even really fazing her?
3. girl at the gym today had her cell phone out on the elliptical machines…sitting in front of her. because someone is going to call that it’s so important it just can’t wait?
4. that’s one reason the “grown-up” gym is better than the college gym…slightly smaller concentration of bimbos there simply to meet guys.

1. She was doing 20 lbs and raised it to 35 lbs.
2. She did not break a sweat. Her make-up was perfect. It was the leg curls, and I think she was going for a J-Lo butt.
3. I’ve taken my cell phone up when I’m doing cardio like that in case my Mom needs to reach me, or the daycare at the gym. They actually ask for cell numbers. However, it’s just wrong when you’re wearing it like she was.
4. Unfortunately, she was probably in her 40’s. I’m bad at guessing ages, but I know she was older than I am. So she was looking for an older man to pick up.

Wow! I was *just* thinking about that earlier! Everyone uses the portable mp3 players. I’m trying to figure out if I can make it look like my pencam is a mp3 player so that I can use it to take photos of her!

Great minds think alike!

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