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I admire the strength of

I admire the strength of my Uncle Terry & Aunt Dawn as they work to organize a Support Group for their community. (Support group can help soften the pain of a loss – Opinion) Last April my cousin Tyler was hit by a car and died at the age of 13. I can not even imagine the pain and suffering they went through. It hit me hard at the time because of the regrets. They live in Winona, Minnesota. I live in Houston, Texas. This does not lead to strong family bonding. I regretted that in the short 13 years of Tyler’s life I didn’t get to know him. That my son doesn’t have time with family, get to know him or the rest of my cousins. It has bothered me for years – I wish we didn’t live so far apart. But, back to what I started to say, I admire that they are working to set up a support group for their community. I wish them nothing but the best and ask for prayers & positive thoughts to support them on the long road ahead.

By Christine

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