I Guess I Need to Go Back to School…

It’s the last weekend before Science Fair (yay! It’s almost over!) and the projects for this “phase” are for Jason to write his speech and put together his backboard for the fair on Wednesday. After going back and forth about the speech, we moved on to the backboards. We printed everything out, I had my Olfa mat, ruler and cutter ready, and then I learned something.

I can not cut a straight line.

Sure, I can cut a straight line with my awesome and amazing editor scissors, but with the mat and the rotary cutter – forget it! Gah! I’ve done several practice sheets (after butchering the original printing of his Purpose and Hypothesis – thank goodness for computers!), and they all turn out the same – very crooked.

I guess I need to go back to school to learn to cut a straight line. Maybe Michaels has some crafty classes that can help me out in the future. For today, we’re going to end up getting my Mom to help – she’s the cutting pro!

By Christine

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7 replies on “I Guess I Need to Go Back to School…”

Oh, it IS hard! I have a rotary mat and cutter for crafty projects, and it took me forever not to ruin things. I think the trick is to press down hard, lean a little into the ruler, and cut FAST.

I can’t cut straight either, even if I’ve ruled a guide-line first! I hate to admit it, but more often than not, the paper I cut with my paper guillotine is less than perfect too! Oh the shame! 😉

Buy a mat that has gridlines. Line EVERYTHING up on the gridlines. If you don’t have a mat with gridlines, draw some pencil lines. Rulers get crooked without even moving!

Gee, thanks for the compliment! Yes, the secret is lining up both sides with the ruler, pressing hard so the ruler doesn’t slip, and cut quick! Also, practice for 10 years or so…

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