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I have now had a

I have now had a migraine of some degree since Tuesday. TUESDAY!!! I am so sick & tired of it. Then I woke up at 5:40 this morning. WIDE awake. Ummm, I am normally up at 7am at the earliest, and never that early on a Saturday when I can sleep in. So, wide awake, I watched the Oprah that I taped on Tuesday afternoon. Dr. Philip McGraw was on talking about weight loss, but what he had to say really hit home for me – not just about weight loss, but about life in general. You can’t change, you can’t improve until you “get real with yourself.” He was talking about how you can sit around and make all the excuses you want for your behavior and the problems in your life – but if you don’t make a dramatic turnaround, one that makes people say “Wow. You’re living different” then you are not going to succeed. It has to be *so* dramatic.

I got really into it. I actually grabbed a notebook and took over 4 pages of notes. I will post them tomorrow as a separate page. While he was talking about weight loss, I think it is really applicable to life as a whole. He also has a book that they kept talking about called “Life Strategies”. I think I will try to get over to Half Price Books after payday and see if they have it there.

Going out tonight to a dinner and then The Ale House to see a band. I used to go see bands all the time, but then stopped during the years of dating my I.O. (insignificant other) since he never wanted to. So I am pretty excited. Going with Tom H., who is nothing but fantastic company. Off to get ready – and I still have no clue what to wear! Ack!

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