I wish I could shrink Jason…

I enjoyed reading Earthmovers and Sandcastles so much, and the pictures of her and her baby, Sam, are soooo sweet. Wow. The memories it brings back. I really wish I could shrink Jason so he was a baby again like that and I could enjoy that time all over again. I tried the dryer, but it didn’t work… Well, maybe someday there will be another baby in my life, whether it is my own child or a grandchild – which hopefully won’t be for another 15-20 years! They are just so cute and so sweet… (Oh, a warning for the potentially squeemish – there is lots of talk about breastfeeding and diapers there, and lots of photos. Her writing is wonderful though, so just go read it.)

On a side note, I should mention that I found Carrie’s site thanks to Cluttered Life – another new mom. And the baby dreams continue…

By Christine

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