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It’s Over!

Wheeee! Fall 2006 semester is officially behind me! My Trig final yesterday was supposed to be from 12:30 – 2:20. I finished at 5:00. Yes, over 4 hours on a Trig final. However, I think I did pretty well – I won’t get the A in the class that I originally wanted because I never could remember some of the formulas in the middle of the course (double angle identities, half angle identities), but I should come out with a B. Considering I have thought for over 20 years that I am terrible at math and I never took Trig in high school, I did really well. If the third test had not kicked my butt like it did, I probably could have had that A. (I had a 94, then a 99, and then a *gasp* 57. Thank goodness for the 20 points worth of test corrections I did over the semester!)

Thanks to studying so hard for the test, I totally forgot to wish Elaine a happy birthday on Wednesday. I didn’t forget her birthday – it is the day before my Mom’s, which was yesterday (Happy Birthday shout-out to Mom!), but I forgot to call. Or e-mail, since this is the first time I’ve been on the computer since my last post. Eeep! I hopefully have rectified the situation with sufficient groveling to make up for it, and we will be at her birthday party on Saturday to celebrate in person.

Now I just have to figure out what I’m taking next semester, and decide if it is time to transfer to a 4-year college next fall or the following spring. I hate to pay the higher tuition, so I’m trying to stay at the junior college level for as long as possible!

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Good job! I wish I were done, too!

A word of caution: depending on the school, some of your credits may not transfer. I had a friend who transferred from UofH to A&M after two years, (she’d done community college for a year or so too, I think) and she wound up having to re-take a lot of similar (but not exactly) classes to graduate. In the long run it might be worth it to start taking classes at the school where you’ll actually graduate, to make sure they’ll count toward your final degree. There are probably more qualified counselors than me at your college, though.

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