Knitting for Geeks…

Guess what? After watching the same episode of Knitty Gritty three times, I *think* I have finally figured out how to purl! Do you have any idea how exciting this is? I’m ready to set aside my scarf that I’m knitting just to try to practice it.

Did someone mention a cult? Yeah, I’m so there. Did you catch that I’m already knitting a scarf? I have no clue how to tie on more yarn when I run out of the skein I am working on, but I just don’t care. I can learn that in next week’s class. For now … dude! I can KNIT!!!

(I’ll try to post pictures later today or tomorrow.)

By Christine

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That’s how I was when I learned to knit, so eager to just jump into it. I wasn’t content to do a few practice washclothes, or even a scarf. I started with a baby blanket. For a friend. Who’d just had a baby. Fortunately, I must be blessed in the “learning to do neat twisty, loopy things with yarn” department, because it came out just fine. I have a feeling you’ll be the same way. 🙂


Now, for the love of Pete – do not tie knots in your knitting. It’s bad news. When you’re ready to start another ball of yarn, leave an eight in tail of your new yarn and just start knitting with it. Come back later and weave in the ends. But no knots!

Really? That easy? Do I just start at the beginning of the row? Or midstream in a row? Or what?

The Knitwit book said to tie it on. I tried, and I sucked. It was very bad news. That is what confused me so much about it!

Purists will tell you to make your change at the beginning of the row and there are good reasons for this if you are going to seam something up. But if you are knitting something like a scarf where the edges need to be clean, do it in the middle of a row where it won’t be seen.

Frankly, I tie a very loose square knot while I’m knitting so I don’t interrupt “the flow” and then go back and unknot it afterwards and weave in the ends.

I’m pretty sure Houston has a knitting guild or SnB. One of our Oasis guild members moved to the Houston area about 5 years ago and I remember her saying that she wished her work schedule allowed her to go to the meetings.

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