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Mini Cafe for a Mini Study Break…

Mini Cafe Panis

The miniature view looking down from the bell tower of Notre Dame in Paris on Cafe Panis and the Seine. It looks even better viewed large.

As an added bonus, if you click that large link, you will see the image using the uber cool and fabulous Lightbox Plugin that I just found thanks to Jenn. That was THE fastest and the easiest plugin I have ever installed here and it is SO neat! (It isn’t as neat if you’re using Internet Explorer. It has glitches, I discovered when I called my Mom to show it off to her. Sorry about that. It works in Firefox.)

Inspired by Arkworld, I had to try my hand at Fake Model Photography. Beware – it is addicting once you get started! But so much fun!

Back to studying Trig for me. I needed a little mini break (pardon the pun), but I’m trying to be good about getting ready for this test. It is so hard and I’m so confused. *sigh*

On a positive note, the change in my meds has been a huge help. I went from a D on my first Chemistry test to an A on the second one. (She drops our lowest grade out of 7 tests, so no worries there.) I went from a C on my first lab practical in Biology to a high B on the second one, and a D on the first Biology test (brought up to a C thanks to extra credit) to a B on the second one (brought up to an A thanks to extra credit.)

I’m afraid Trig won’t go as well though – it is the only class that truly builds from one chapter to a next. I strugged to get through chapters 1 & 2 while on the meds, so now I barely remember it for chapters 3 & 4. I think I may be taking a do-over in this class. I really don’t want to kill my GPA just because I was jacked up on the wrong medicine for the first month of the semester.

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That “model photography” technique worked really well on that photo. I only wish I had photos I could play with to try it out.

And – I should have said that I found the plugin from That is one of those plugins that everyone should have. I hated that to get people to see a larger version of a photo it had to send you off the blog… now, no more! YAY!

It does strange things in IE though – it doesn’t display right the first time you click it, but works the second time, except then the changing Flickr box in my sidebar shows up in the middle of the image.

So strange.

I really like how it resizes though – haven’t tested that out in IE yet, but it works in Firefox. And really, everyone should be using Firefox anyways.

Whoops…sorry, forgot to check Big Pink Cookie for a couple of days. I think I should move your link on my blog to the other knitting blog so that I’ll click on it regularly.

Anyhow, congrats on your notes! And the picture is fab!

@Stinkerbell – Google for tilt-shift tutorial and you might find instructions for other versions of Photoshop. I know some people on Flickr mentioned how they do it in PS 7. I’ve never used that version, so I don’t know what is different that would prevent the PS CS2 instructions from working.

@Elemmaciltur – you could just link to both. 😉 The podcast is going to be recorded right after I finish finding the music for it. I want to make sure you have it for your trip.

@Carrie – thanks for stopping by!

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