Gearing Up for Big Things Ahead…

I’ve struggled for a few years with reconciling what each of my three websites will focus on. What is too personal for the business blog? What belongs where? What do I need to do with this site or that site?

It has sometimes reached a point where I just didn’t write anywhere at all. Posting 140 characters on Twitter or a quick blurb on Facebook? So much easier. But as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I miss it. I’ve had a blog for 11 years now almost. I don’t want to give it up.

So while talking with my business mentor, Jeff, a few weeks ago, I brought it up. Like his website name? He has earned it, that is for sure! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times he has made me say, “Damn it, Jeff!” over the past few months, but he really does help me get to the bottom of things. The blog situation was one of them.

So moving forward, I’ve got some things to change.

Christine Tremoulet will be a working portfolio site. Mostly weddings, but sometimes I photograph other things as well. My photography identity will live there.

Hot Mama Boudoir will be all about boudoir and why I think every every mom should do a boudoir session. It will be all about sharing my super power.

BigPinkCookie will stay focused on the personal side of my life. Which I really need to work on, because my work/life balance is really skewed to lean towards work and I want it to lean back towards more LIFE.

Speaking of which, and completely inspired by Chookooloonks, I plan to work on creating a life list. This is a BIG challenge for me, since I actually seem to have no ability to dream. Ok, fine, maybe I’m exaggerating. But I need to work on dreaming. So a life list it is. You know, once I get some work done around here.

So now you know the big plan. It isn’t that far off of what I’ve been doing already, but I had to put it out there. I’m taking the first step. What do you think? As the reader, does that help you find things easier?



A few weeks ago, my mom commented that I hadn’t mentioned anything on my blog about the Rachael Ray show wedding, and I told her that I did … only it was over on the wedding photography blog, and a lot about it on Twitter. Oops!

So I decided to add in the WordPress plugin that makes my twitter posts show up here as well. I figure that way, my blog at least has my updates there, since Twitter has killed my blog.

I also changed the design (for those of you reading via RSS), but it isn’t wide enough for my horizontal photos, and I don’t know if I am savvy enough with Photoshop to fix what would need to be fixed to change that. So, uhm, yeah – I might change it again pretty soon.

Changelog Geek Love

Pretty, Shiny & New…

I needed a change, and thanks to the fabulous talents of Derek Powazek and a little code-fu of my own, I have one. Code-fu which even involved CSS, because the center column wasn’t 500 pixels wide, so my photos were messing up the page. 500 pixels is the default medium size from Flickr, and I almost always post my blog photos there, so that had to be changed here.

Reading in a feed reader? Come by the blog and check it out. Come on out from blurking and let me know what you think. There are still some things to tweak, but I’ll continue to work on it.

By the way, if you link to me, could you link to me as “Christine”? Because I really, really want to get my status as the #1 Christine on Google back. Yes, I am a dork. I already knew that.

BlahBlahBabble Changelog Knittastic! Media Consumption

Because One Can Never Blog Enough…

Jesus Saves

Ok, so I wrote this great post. And Jesus Saves, but I don’t, so it was lost instead of posting. Ack. Oh well – here it goes again. I’ve decided to move the knitblogging content over to PointySticks. I will cross-post here for a little bit, and continue to post big things here like the fact that my Faith Jacket might just bust the sweater curse of 2006 and I will finally have a sweater in just a few days. If I can find a RSS plugin that will allow me to post excerpts in my sidebar, I will do that – that way you can see here what is going on there and vice versa.

I may end up with multiple personalities by the time this is over. However, it has bugged me for long enough, so I think it is time to do it.

This site will keep the personal stuff, along with the geek posts and the photography stuff.

Speaking of photography, I am also considering starting a 365 day photo project – but photos of things, not myself. I admire too many other people’s self-portraits too much (Mac is the queen of them, in my book), so I don’t think I could even begin to do it justice. But photographing things? That I can do. It is time to finally make the $10 lightbox that I’ve had bookmarked for ages, and I need to get a flash for my camera and learn how to use that too. So many goals, so little time.

For now, I can’t take any pictures at all. My camera battery died on Tuesday, and the battery charger is missing. I have searched high and low, but there is no sign of it. Craptastic. Hopefully Elaine’s charger will work and I can juice up tomorrow, and meanwhile I will end up ordering a new one. Of course, as soon as I get it, the old one will reappear. It always works out like that.

This time, I’m doing the “copy” thing. I’m not writing this post a third time.


For Those of You Playing Along at Home…

I was tired of the old design. I needed a change. WordPress Themes makes that an easy thing, and now I have a new design in a snap. I want to make changes, either replacing the top image with rotating photos of my own (if only I knew how!) or Flickr thumbnails. Something.

For now? This will do.

UPDATE: Props to Geeky for the help – now I have the most recent thumbnails from Flickr at the top of the site. Whee! I might do a rotating banner image in the future, but for now the thumbnails make me happy.