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Monday Mission – Revised…

I just have to revise one of my answers from the Monday Mission I did earlier:

What (if any) recent movies have moved you emotionally? Which one and how so?

I just finished watching “Remember the Titans” again. I *love* that movie. I have had so many people say “Oh, I don’t want to watch it … I don’t like football.” It’s about so much more then football. It’s about race, discrimination, hatred – and overcoming it all. And it is guaranteed to make me misty-eyed at least 4-6 times, every time I watch it. One of my all-time favorites.

The next time you are going to hate someone for who they are – the color of their skin, whether they are male or female, their sexual orientation, whatever it may be … stop and think. Life is about so much more.

By Christine

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I love football, but even if I didn’t I’d have to agree that it’s a fabulous movie. Denzel seems to be a hit or miss actor, either turning out amazing performances or just being awful (see Much Ado About Nothing if you don’t believe hd can be painful to watch). He’s on the ball in Titans.

I have to say that I too loved that movie. More than that I have a personal connection to a single item in the movie (has nothing to do with the actual story). But at one point, the Titans are playing against Hayfield High School. I recently finished website construction for Hayfield’s Band site.

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